Beer, give me a beer that’ll

disappear my fears.

Not just any beer. Give me

one brewed with 9% alcohol

or more.



Make it dark and bitter if you

will. Frost my glass and fill

it with dark, dark brew that’ll

go down my chute to satisfy

that urge for a cold, cold beer.


I don’t want to drink a Miller or a Bud

that I’d spit into the dust. Those names

are easy to say, you know they are, but

I’ll wait for beer brewed to taste and if

the name is hard to say, like

Weizenbier or Rauchbier, it’s okay.


I’ll even drink some Raspberry Imperial

Stout or a Fruit and Vegetable Beer.

Herb and spice beer will quench my thirst,

but I’ll never know unless I drink beer beer,,

and more beer brewed specially for me.



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