Basic Training

Basic Training

Don’t think because your skin is white you’re exempt.
When you’re called you must go, unless you can pay
some fool who never went to school to go instead of you.

Before you get sent to battle those deranged people who’ll never change,
don’t be scared to kill or you’ll perish against your will, probably on some hill.
We have to fight and accept death’s hideous face or die in disgrace.

Those who believe it’s okay to own a human are fools who flog those they rule.
Never capitulate. If you do you’ll never survive until help arrives.
You’ll starve and think you lost your wit when you quit.

Have no fear of cannon balls in the air, as long as they’re up there.
Charge with bayonets ready to thrust them into those who defy things we hold high. Ignore the dead and body parts spread on the ground, don’t be afraid, just go around.

There’s no better way to die and float to the sky when you did your best to kill the other guy. Fighting men need rewards, so take anything you find before burning the town down.

Every one of you has been drafted and I hear you don’t want to be here, but have no fear.
War is an experience you’ll talk about the remainder of your lives. If you survive, you’ll feel really alive. If you’re missing a limb or two, the government will pay and take good care of you.

I wish I could go fight with you, but I’m needed here!


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