DiBuduo is the author of a nonfiction book, “A Penis Manologue: One Man’s Response to the Vagina Monologues,” and two volumes of his signature “flash-fiction poetry,” as well as several collections of short stories. Cryonic Man a paranormal romance novel … Continue reading “(Untitled)”

new post for my poetry book

My fictional reading is heavily weighted toward science-fiction. I generally try to avoid poetry, but this said it was about science fiction. It wasn’t very expensive, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’ve read some of this author’s … Continue reading “new post for my poetry book”

Why we believe!

The Human Brain Evolved to Believe in Gods  

I’m not the only one getting stupid!


Bo A dog who took care of me for a short time.

It’s about my dog Bo if only I had known why he and his pal Scamp waited for any chance to be in the kitchen. If I turned my head for a second, into the kitchen they’d romp. All the … Continue reading “Bo A dog who took care of me for a short time.”



Possibly a solution to gun violence?


Naked City, 1976

I worked every weekend I had a chance to during the summer, because work in construction always slowed down in the cold months. I took a day off figuring I’d do something fun for a change. I found myself in … Continue reading “Naked City, 1976”