Athena’s Promise

Athena’s promise

We arrived alive after retro rockets set our craft down on a planet where
I told the first woman I met I’d trade my world for hers if I could because
I loved the stars shining in all three of her eyes and the moon lighting her
crystalline mane no one like her existed on my world a lonely place floating in space

All women on my world had only two eyes two legs and are two timers
only the stupid believed and can never perceive we’re not faithful
and true that’s why I can love all three of your eyes your three legs
and the three nipples on your back that bring so much pleasure

I never planned on returning to my world where women only had two nipples on
their chest and only one pleasure hole that we treated like gold and never let a man
hold it and then think he owned it on your world I found you and others who have
three of everything

Among us who landed on your world not one man survived because unknown to us ravenous manlike reptiles feasted on our men and wanted to have us women as their wives but desisted from using us when they found our women couldn’t reproduce what their women did when mated they’d always produce a daughter a son and a snake

But the fragrance of testosterone became so irresistible to a manly serpent carnivore they’d celebrate the birth and then their flesh addiction caused them to eat all the boy baby’s even their sons before they became men so after they had eaten every boy the carnivores became too old to recreate and with no boys to eat they ran out of testosterone

And almost became extinct until we arrived with husbands and sons and after they devoured every one of them the serpent king promised women like me if we reproduced with them we could survive and every woman wanted to live to have a baby of her own but serpents had to eat meat and without any men left on their planet they were doomed

Until I informed them of how many men lived on the world we came from they flew to my home where men waited debated but unknown to them even though they gave everything they owned the welcome they gave accelerated their time to go because serpents crawled and slithered upon my world filled with the perfume of testosterone

they devoured every man and then ate all the boys so without testosterone they tried to force us to try IVF so we’d have a boy who’d become food for those devastating beings
Goddess Athena to whom we all prayed had promised after the serpents devoured every man on this planet they’d all die when unable to satisfy their addiction to testosterone

After Athena answered our prayers and there were no serpents or men who survived we wanted to recreate and the scientists among us developed a technology where our womanly cells transformed and using parthenogenesis every woman conceived another just like them that begun the cycle where we reproduced hundreds of girls
Using the technique women among us discovered and now we produced only our genome so only women lived on this world and peace came and sexual harassment became a thing of the past as promised by Athena after the aliens died.

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