Meetup with non believers for a hike if you like,

to see all the sights God didn’t create. There’s

no reason for the seasons, the breezes, the

mountains, trees, flowers or shrubbery to exist.


It all just accidentally happened and we

have no souls. Energy may go on existing,

but it has no intelligence or memory, so

when we die, everything we know is erased.


Face the facts and don’t even think about going

to heaven, because it’s not there. Don’t despair,

because even if you’re in a religious trance, you

don’t get another chance to make things right.


There’s not another life, so live the one you have

and enjoy every vice. I’d like to believe all this, but

to deny there exists something far superior to the

human mind is folly I think.


How can I close my mind to the star filled sky and

the beams and strings and waves that hold it all

together. Could all this have come out of an accidental



I’ve got to admit, I don’t believe there’s a guy in the sky

watching my every move, but I do think there’s a reason

everything exists, but don’t brag about this. I doubt a human

mind will ever discover why we exist, but I’ll pray to God that we do.



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  1. Steve says:

    Good read!

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