Asteroids deliver frozen Water and,

Asteroids deliver frozen Water and,

drops of it fall from the sky so things don’t die. Thirsty ground, animals, plants, and man
go to hollows to swallow as much as they can. It’s unknown when the next nourishing
drops will come. Some pray for rain, others dance in a trance, but sometimes prayers

by so many create storms that floods the surface, washes away plants, drowns animals and man. Like love, we cannot live without water that makes up most of what we are. Is it any wonder we’re drawn to the sea, lakes, and rivers?

Liquid water is like any mother who’ll nourish, entertain, give us joy, and let us
float on her when we want. It’s wonderful to see water flowing down mountains
and hills into rivers where kayaks can speed along wild currents over rocks, rapids,

and not very tall waterfalls. When many drops fall, rivers are resurrected and race to the sea where without a care they meld and become one. The sea has breaking waves and adequate room to sail or ride.

Full, lakes offer plenty for us to drink and play. If the temperature gets so high we’ll see melting glaciers and rising tides, there goes our way of having fun on rivers,
lakes, and oceans that will have dried, and left behind parched, powdered, ground.

The challenge to us is to stop the temperature climb, or rivers, lakes, oceans, and all that depend upon liquid to stay alive will dry, die, and turn to dust. Water that used to return to the sky to dribble down here can’t when it’s too hot for it to fall, so the water we need

will evaporate and return to the atmosphere to become asteroids from whence the immense amount came. That’ll leave the entire world dry, desolate, and a twin to Mars.
In years to come, will another civilization send a Rover to Earth to discover why it

became parched, and want to understand why there are no hurricanes, typhoons, or rain on a world that once had life, but died without an atmosphere. Those who helped it to become dry have died in shame, and now their souls have nowhere to go?


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