Art is everywhere

It’s always nice to see blue skies with gray and passing white clouds
turning into more shapes than our population. In anticipation our imagination
and some speculation creates forms without explanation or description.
It’s even better when day turns to night and the moon and stars brightly shine.
We see so many heavenly bodies we wonder if they are another world or just
a burning star?

Our sun is only a close by star that we can see and love. It rises and sets, unlike the stars we see in the dark. We wonder how many worlds there are. Are they rare, or are there others like us out there? It won’t be long before we’re prepared to see many species coming here. In time, we’ll have to claim and settle on every planet out there.

Right here we can see so many miracles appear in only a year. Our minds can’t grasp the meaning of that. There are trees with leaves that change color. Giant redwoods in the woods where trees grow. There’s too many species to count.
How many things grow on them and below, we’ll never know. Colorful as flowers in a field, the number of birds that make their homes on a tree branch, we’ll never know.

It’s a pleasure to behold vast expanses of grass and weeds that are bold to grow where they do. Imagine how many animals and bugs dare to make their homes on or below, and around the ground where trees grow. Vineyards produce grapes of different heritage for flavoring wines and brandy too. Farmers grow corn and everything else we need to eat,
so there’s always enough when the ground is covered with snow.

Colorful fish we love to see, or eat. We’ll never tally the many species in rivers lakes, and the seven seas. The ocean bottoms are still a mystery. If we could only see what kind fish are living there. Flowing rivers are a sight to see when water and rock meet. Lakes are great when one cannot see the other side. Some are small, but still a pleasure to behold.

People are bold and colorful too. We’re all different, but have a desire to love and to be loved. Love too is strange and there’s no way to tally up how many ways we love. Theirs’s love between men, women, children, and friends. But the strongest love we have is for our pets that return our affection with interest.

Dogs are a wonder and our best friend. There are so many different breeds helped along by humankind to make them more like us. It’s no wonder we love them like we do. Cat’s are as varied as can be, from those who roam the jungles to the pussycat lying on a couch soaking up the sun. Animals live around the world and there’s too many to count.

Everything above I consider great art, created by someone much greater than me.


  1. Art is everywhere –

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