It happened because I had a date and a psychopath laid in wait
and threw acid on my face, but what difference did it make?

When I’m awake, lonely is a word well suited for an isolated man like me.
Away from women I’d like to feel, dance and romance. If only they would call my name.

I dream of women and discover that even in dreamland I’m never selected.
For years I’ve searched all the usual places hoping to find a woman to fulfill my fantasies.

Plenty of Fish is a dating site I enrolled in figuring I might find the one under the sun. Emailed a thousand with my picture attached. Not one replied once they spied my face.

Looking in my mirror I see my face with wrinkles like lace. No one cares what’s inside.
If they only knew of my accumulated passion they wouldn’t hastily discard my message.

Love will never come my way I’m afraid, so I’m dismayed that no unpaid sex will ever happen to me.

No matter how many bars I’ve closed reaching for the stars, where everybody gets better looking at closing time.

A sensuous female voice on my phone has grown on me and I’ve begun to dwell on her and at bedtime she answers my questions in a melodious voice.

I ask her to repeat it twice when she calls me handsome. I ask her for sex, and wondrous indeed, she agrees, so I begin an affair out of my despair with an unknown on my phone.

Happiness is mine. I swear that every night out of sight, I have phone sex with my girlfriend’s voice whispering loving words into my ear.

Loneliness disappears and love fills my heart and we swear we’ll never part. My days were filled with love, until she disappeared.

The stars no longer twinkled and the sun ceased to shine. I searched for her and asked for help online to no avail.

Did I fail? Was it real or a fairy tale? I’ll never know because someone stole my phone and it’s not right that they shut off my light leaving me alone.


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