A Smudging Ceremony

A Smudging Ceremony


Must be entered with spirit dust,

a good heart that sings, prays, and

follows ancestral spirits to the realm


where Lunar glow brightens the

sky with beams of moonlight guiding

the way.


Far below they know. Their hums and

their drums create a sacred sound, a

required rhythm


for using garlands and sweet smelling

herbs under the full moon, where Sage

drives out evil spirits, negative thoughts,


and downbeat entities are banished to a

realm where they only exist in our dreams,

visions and poems.


Cedar: Cypress and Juniper purify and

attract first-class energies. Mugwort heals,

gives foresight, stimulates dreams and visions


of drum circle participants who are healed of bad

feelings, negative thoughts, dire spirits and harmful

energy when evil spirits are driven away.


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