A Recorded Call

A Recorded Call


There are calls for free and fair elections, and

active participation by the people as we used

to agree in our long hushed phone calls.


We promised protection of human rights of all citizens,

even those sub-human who believe differently than we.

They’re free to criticize us, their elected leaders.


We’ll guarantee under law, their right to have

beliefs that are different than ours,  to say

and write what they think and drink, as long

as they don’t read the small print.


We’ll lead them to believe they have the right

to assemble, to protest. and we’ll let them think

all citizens are equal under the law that we’ll design.


It’ll say, no one may be discriminated against

on the basis of their race, religion, ethnic group,

or gender, but women must surrender their warm

and tender feelings to keep us afloat.


We’ll promise that no one will be arrested, imprisoned,

killed, or exiled. That no one is above the law, not even

a king, “perhaps me” or an elected president. Torture,

cruel and inhumane treatment are absolutely forbidden,


unless we need information.


High ranking officials cannot use their power to enrich

themselves we’ll say, because it’s not the way a Democracy

is designed, but that’s why we’re so far behind in pay and

find the need to accept any and all donations and bribes.

In light of history, nobody but us can provide safeguards for

the people’s liberties which are victimized when we allow

sissy men to be in charge. We’ll change things by calling

for Democracy, and killing those who don’t agree.


Do you agree?


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