A poem about my book, “The Mountain Will Cover You.”


African preaches and rebels commit distasteful deeds that are common there.
Without despair even though it’s against the law, they falsely accuse and often kill,
massacre, kidnap, and torture kids without reprise, and every day in a whisper
they say children are practicing witchcraft and those who don’t know better,
throw the kids out of their homes to live on the street or in a camp where witches
are driven by superstitious fools.

When penises get stolen, riots erupt and men committing crimes turn into goats,
Hard to believe, but when Zelda came to me in a dream, I sent her there to fix it all.
She found Christianity mixed with magic, voodoo, and had gone astray.
Every man she met was corrupt enough to condone preachers earning money
by chasing evil spirits from those they accused of not having faith and the ministers
made some fast cash, unless the family couldn’t pay.

Without money to buy back their souls, kids are beaten black and blue,
cut with machetes buried alive, put in a sack and drowned by parents
or villagers who believe what they’re told and are afraid the little witch
would come in the night to eat their flesh,

but not one of those boys or girls ever flew on a broom, or made a deal with the Devil,
or howled at the moon, but that didn’t count, because the preachers those distasteful creatures had to pay for their Mercedes and fine clothes.

Zelda arrived and found all the above and more to be true, she prayed to her God for help
and he sent Zouvians from another world to make the preacher’s threats of eating their
flesh come true and the aliens ate every preacher who lied to buy a car or a house.


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