A Long LSD Trip

I have pity and don’t want you to think I did what I did
because you’re not as pretty as you pretended to be. Even
though love didn’t flow, you screwed me and my brother too.
We know as different as we are, deep within we’re the same,

but have different names. Artists like you and me are nourished
more by each other than by praise or financial success on this
world as on any other habitable planet. I was satisfied with you, until
I discovered you were as spoiled as day old milk and made of silk.

All your kids came from larvae left by flies feasting on your rotten hide.
That’s why not one of the kids looks like me and of all things, they
have wings. The buzzing these things make when trying to eat keeps
me awake and is more than I can take.

So when I swat them with a two by four, and send them to death waiting
by the nest, you have to know, kids who buzz and have wings aren’t the
style of children that bring smiles to me, on this world you and I landed
upon when with bad luck, your underwear got stuck in our synthetic drive,

and it burst into flames when it saw you without anything covering the feasting
larvae on your pelt that you wear without a belt making it look like human skin.
What deceit it was when we met and you filled my mind with beautiful visuals
causing me to believe I had reached the artistic paradise preached.

One day when in ecstasy, you let down your blinding power and I saw you
had claws and were really a maggot that wanted to mate to improve your race.
Like a spider on my world, you ate my brother after you and he debated and then
mated. You promised not to eat me if I’d make love to you, but you must know

if you relax your mind control and I can see what you are, I’ll have to put
you in a bottle of alcohol to preserve you and put you in a reserve so our
future race here in outer space can without guilt see and understand what
they would have been if it weren’t for my brother and me!

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