A Conversation With a Tree

I’m sad to say, the end is here.
A poet I’ll never be, so to be
fair I have to quit trying to string
together words in proper form.

Don’t expect another poem to
be mailed from me to you.I thank
you for reading what I have written
as poetry, but I know it’s not.

Conversation With a Tree

Ain’t no use, don’t wrap ribbons around my trunk or try to give me a hug.
I’ll tell you why, I’m adverse to you and your kind. You know I don’t think
well of those of you who come into our world with axes and saws to massacre
trees like me.

You don’t believe and can’t conceive we can think and have minds better than yours.
We don’t have vocal cords to afford us sound and can’t speak as loud as you. Humans like you don’t realize we have a language of our own that you’ll never understand.
Our entangled minds communicate underground with a network of roots.

We take care of our own and watch our babies grow, until someone
like you cuts them down before their prime. They don’t have a chance
to replicate or to reach for the sky. People like you don’t care how
young a sapling is, and only see wood.

Humans think the forest is here for you to slash and burn any time you want.
I’ve been here a thousand years, growing tall, and giving all to other trees.
I can’t count the bird’s squirrels, and bees that have made homes in my leaves
during the years I’ve been alive.

We’re a community you see, not just a plant you can eradicate if you want.
Put your ear to the ground and try to decipher what language we speak.
If you continue to ignore our rights as living trees, we’re going to make you pay.
Your world will become devoid of vegetation and trees.

That’s what may be, if you don’t agree that we have a right to live our lives.
If you don’t, all of you may acquire a malady called hylophobia and will think
twice about coming into the woods and cutting down a tree. Saplings bushes
and shrubs will develop misanthropic attitudes toward binary beings.

Before long every man alive will suffer from biophobia, and never come to the
woods or walk in a forest. God forbid they should ever try to reside in a jungle
with nourishing soil and more than enough rain to grow cannibalistic floras.
Humans will become aware how every tree in the world feels about them.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If people practice conservation and refrain from
killing so many fledgling trees. If protection doesn’t arrive, trees and other plants
will release so many seeds and pods that’ll grow on your streets houses, buildings,
and cover the entire sphere.

So many shrubberies and trees will force cities to return to their roots, and become wildernesses again. Afterwards any men left alive will live like Tarzan and swing on vines to find Jane, if we allow her to stay alive.
We know who has been kind to us. They’ll be selected to stay alive and never die in our dominion where they’d never hear the sound of a chain saw, or lumber mill. The world will become green again as it was meant to be.


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