A Bottle of Booze Will Do

Being sober fills the inside

of my head and scrapes

the back of my eyes with

unjust images and words,

like incest, spousal abuse,

and kids so hungry they eat

their own.


I can’t be without booze

obliterating the wounds

society has assigned to me


Well you can say goodbye,

but please don’t be blue

my bottle is empty so

bring me my running shoes.


I may be considered low down

and a dirty fool, but that doesn’t

mean I don’t love you.


Don’t be sad, because when

I get a bit of booze, I’ll go

to a place where injuries

aren’t allowed to exist.


A world where striking colors

and flowerily fragrances mix

with luminosity, integrity and

honesty, spreading compassion

to anyone existing there.


This utopia where I go

after I drink a little alcohol

heals my tortured soul.


Well, you can say goodbye,

but I won’t be blue, cause I’ll

have what I need to enter

a world of my own,


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