A Beautiful World

A Beautiful World
June 24. 272 words

Without any books, pictures, or art of any kind when as a running wild child,
I wasn’t aware that beauty was all over the place.

Upon awakening I had nothing to eat, so during the dawns early light,

I foraged for food and occasionally I’d find hot bread on a bakery’s shelf
waiting for me. A treasure, put there as a gift from the one above.

Not knowing how to create allowed life to pass me by without listening
to my muse who whined for me to create.

Years went by and when I retired my muse told me I had nothing to lose.
I could no longer live without art and like a man; I began to sculpt, but that
wasn’t enough after being repressed for so long.

My creativity flowed and my muse made up for all those lost years by sublimely
planting ideas in my head when I was awake or asleep.
I wasn’t allowed to tell how she helped and that she lived in the sky where she’s
invisible to mere mortals like us.

Her secret’s out now that I’ve told she exists and not only in my mind.
She left me for a while because of my loose lips. I prayed every night for her
to return to me.

She came back and I promised to never dispute my muse no matter what she encouraged me to do. Without her guiding me through life, I only perceive a
dark, dreary, and evil world.

Her motivating me to create art in every way shows me a beautiful world.

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