What’s the Reason for the Design

As my cognition grew and I knew it was true

even though I was baffled for a day or two

I became blue when I wondered why our world 

was designed by a deranged and cruel mind

that determined all things must die

Was the creator like Louise whose disease

gives her deranged mind ways to have satisfaction

playing with unremitting actions of horrible scenarios

where despair and murder of all was the norm

Humans without reform or a drop of remorse

were put atop the food chain that compelled all

to kill others in order to survive

did compassion like a passing wind enter the creator’s

 mind when plants and trees were designed

 To never get tired and no need to kill they survived by

eating sunlight freely given by that giant star

were they first in the design and like bread and wine

to give the creator a thrill that floated by when watching

them live and die

Is that why man was here and near so they could hunt

and kill living things to bring a thrill

until the food chain became a fictitious name when the new

creations and all generations had to eat one another even

the mother Is the creator a conspirator that revels in watching

The hunt or torture each does to another before they eat

Is it a sexual thing because there’s only one maker

if the fabricator has a sex drive and enjoys mortal noise

while watching torture mayhem and murder

as some creations have that urge and bring it to fruition

Sex goes on all the time to produce more of the same so

there’s always a source to murder to get murdered or to

enjoy torture to please our creator while the beast

enjoys the overwhelming sex drive while drinking wine

and that’s fine because now we know that’s the ultimate

reason for the design

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