All Things Must Die

You have a soul you know.

 I agree and say, I have two, not one

 and point to the bottom of my shoes.

Not those soles you fool echoes intimately inside my skull.

A fist grips my heart and the beat suddenly stops.

Now that you’re dead, you can see where your soul resides

echoes throughout my corpse with a still functioning brain.

 I know, but why do I have to go long before I want,

and when I do, where will I go?

Is there really pie in the sky?

It has been said, life is better after death, but I want to live

while I’m alive, to put ice cream on my pie and have one

more chance to have sex.

I search through all my body parts, but there is no soul

to be found. I’m a soulless man,” I cry to the skies above.

When you don’t believe in me, that’s the price you pay, the

crashing voice resonates throughout my dead body, causing it

to move.

Unfair, unfair, my lifeless form declares.

Tell me which God you are? Are you Achtland, the Celtic

Goddess of wanton love?”

Love is a word falsely attributed to me. If I loved, would your

world be such a mess?” the voice assumed I understood.

Tell me then, are you Xtabay, the Mayan Goddess of Seduction

without love in your heart?

Or are you an evil being who made me and the rest of humanity so

you’d have someone with whom to play?”

For a soulless man you should be begging for clemency instead

of questioning me.

You must be the Son of perdition,” I exclaim. The antichrist,

the deceiver, chief of demons, Beelzebub, the father of lies.

Laughter shook the entire sky and I got a preview of my soul being

carried away by birds of prey. Wait! I cry, I see my soul.

Laughter shook the sky and the Earth. Too late my boy,

it’s gone now and will never return. You’re doomed to the

bottomless pit for eternity since you didn’t know my name.

One more chance, I cry and see dark clouds fluctuating

throughout the darkening sky, merging into an image of a

terrifying old man with an unpleasant face.

The mouth made of clouds opens and releases crashing thunder

clearing all other clouds from the sky. You’ll never have another

chance, I’ll see to that, booms round the heavens.

I gather all the electro-mechanical energy within my brain’s

limbic system and send it to my amygdala to project my

thoughts onto the only cloud left in the sky, causing it to burst.

Screams fill the air as my mental powers disintegrate the God

who has made me and all others.

He should have known, because he made the rule, all things must die


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