#289 Silvery spheres in the sky

#289 Silvery spheres in the sky


On the way to my “Reading to Write” group at the downtown library, I drove a leisurely seventy five miles an hour in a sixty five zone on 89-A, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a silver streak flash through the sky. For an unknown reason, a creepy feeling spread throughout me, causing my hair to rise, and I wondered why. The Prescott Airport wasn’t far from the highway, so I thought it must have been an airplane.

But it made me think about a few nights back, when I saw a silver streak in the sky traveling at tremendous speed suddenly stop above my house, and a light came down and went through my house as though searching for something. I wondered if it was aliens looking for me. Maybe because I sat in my hot tub in the back yard they didn’t see me.

Trying to get my mind off alien things, I focused on the meeting at the library. A few writers gather every two weeks to discuss stories we have read, and the craft used in writing them. It started to rain, and I forgot all about the silver streak in the sky. As usual, the gloomy weather brought on my blues. No sunshine always changes my world, from a happy place to a dreary god awful place.

When I arrived, Pat, Sue, Linda and Mark sat in the library’s Elsea Conference Room at the long table, with their backs to the large window that looked out over the street. Carol and I sat facing the window.

“Okay, let’s talk about H.G. Wells, Valley of the Spiders,” Mark said.

Pat commented on the amount of times H.G.Wells used colors in his writing and the conversation moved around the table. When Linda opened her mouth, I became mesmerized. Her voice titillated my senses. Her lips enunciating words made my heart rate rise and I became aroused. I leaned closer to this woman who affected me so strangely.

I looked into her eyes. What I thought were blue irises spun in a hypnotic fashion. She spoke about Ambrose Bierce’s An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. I could see past her teeth into her mouth and down her ruby red throat where her uvula danced.

Watching it bouncing around erased thoughts of rolling spiders and a man being hung from my mind, and filled it with wild thoughts, so when I saw the bright light coming through the window, I thought I imagined it.

The light surrounded Linda. Her hair rose as though floating on water. Her body began to rise from the chair. I wanted to shout, but not a word would come. I looked at the others who carried on as though nothing strange was happening. I looked back to Linda, and she now levitated above her chair and started moving toward the window as though the beam of light drew her in. I reached out and grabbed her ankle to stop her from floating away, but as soon as I touched her, I became weightless and rose off my chair like gravity didn’t exist.

I tried to let go, but my hand stuck to her ankle. I yanked it a hard as I could, but it felt like I had dipped it into superglue. Frightened by becoming weightless, I rationalized that the window glass would stop our ascent once we were pulled up against it. Linda’s hand reached the window glass, and instead of stopping when it touched the glass, ripples formed around her hand as though she dipped it in water and it passed through followed by the rest of her going through solid glass without a sound. Dragging along behind her, I too passed through the glass, and followed her on up the light beam that I saw coming from a silvery craft hovering above the library.

We passed through the craft’s metal-skin as though it wasn’t there. Once inside the light disappeared. We dropped to the pillow like floor. Linda hugged me like a frightened kitten. Despite everything that happened, I became aroused again, and returned her hug with passion that surprised me. I pulled away. I wanted a clear head to try to figure out what in the heck was going on. But when I looked at her, I saw a cloud, and in it images appeared. I recognized myself and then her in the cloud doing things I sometimes fantasize about. It was like my thoughts were being projected onto the cloud, but evidently so were hers, because some of the things we did in there were things I never even thought of before. Hers and my erotic thoughts were being projected onto the cloud, like a movie. I responded to the images and couldn’t stop the sexual thoughts flashing through my mind, no matter how hard I tried, so I stopped trying and enjoyed them as she slowly disrobed, I did too. She reached for me; I took her hand in mine and became overwhelmed with desire. I couldn’t believe the intensity of my need and passion. It took all of my strength to stop and say, “Wait, this is some kind of alien trick.” I knew I had to keep my senses, so I ripped my hand from hers, and her erotic images disappeared. I put my pants on, and I heard odd shuffling sounds, like someone dragging dry branches across the floor. I looked up to see a creature that looked like a giant insect. It was about eight feet tall and had lots of hairy legs.

“You’re not cooperating,” it said from a mouth on the side of its head.

Holy shit! A huge talking spider.

“I need to finish my research by .0000.7000, so I guess I’ll replace you with another,” it said, and pointed at me. Light wrapped around me and I got that weightless feeling again as I rose off the spongy floor. “Wait, wait, I’ll cooperate,” I yelled.

The light shut off, and I fell to the yielding floor. Linda held out her hand. I tenuously took it, and at the touch, lecherous feelings overcame me. I put my face to hers, touched her lips to mine, stuck my tongue between her lips and I shivered with pleasure.  She in turn gyrated against me and I lost control.

Part of my mind wondered if this spider was studying us, or making a porn movie to be shown on some far away planet. I wondered if I performed well, would the spider make me a star, and use me in lots of movies. I’d become an intergalactic porn-movie star. I pictured myself shaking the tall spider’s leg and sealing the multi-million dollar deal.

“Joe, Joe, are you letting your imagination run away with you again?” Mark said, “Linda asked how you liked the spider story.”

I’d love to tell her, but only said, “It was out of this world.”

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  1. Pat says:

    Great story. Your imagination, without a doubt, is a gift from above. Keep writing my friend. You stories always bring a smile to my face.

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