#234 Jennifer, November 3

#234 Jennifer, November 3

Joe’s ex-wife turned out to be an alley cat, fucked every man she met and a few women too. She didn’t give a damn about her kids and ran off with an idiot who had big muscles and was well endowed.

Left alone to raise his kids, Joe sucked at being a parent. He didn’t know what to do and not to do in bringing up his girls.  He loved his daughters and did what he thought right for them, but having grown up on his own, and being a man, he didn’t have a clue as to what he should do for them. In his misguided state, he thought providing them with a place to stay, food to eat, and clothes to wear was all they needed. The girls learned what they had to know from peers and TV.

As teenagers the girls all found boyfriends to live with. One became pregnant at sixteen and she and her boyfriend moved in with Joe and his girlfriend. Joe’s girlfriend said she went to Ravenswood hospital and made arrangements for Joe’s first grandbaby to be delivered there. The day came and with his daughter in throbbing pain Joe drove her to Ravenswood hospital to give birth to her first. When they arrived he was told no arrangements had been made and she had to go to Cook County hospital for the poor.

His daughter was placed on a wheeled table called a gurney, and stuffed into a transport that was to take her there. Joe ripped open the doors and said, “No fucking way. My grandbaby isn’t going to be born in a place like that.” He took his daughter by the arm and loaded her into his car and drove to a better hospital.

“No insurance, no admittance,” the nurse said.

Joe’s daughter screamed in pain. He drew his gun and said, “Her baby will be born here or somebody is going to die.

The nurse pressed an alarm and a security guard appeared with a drawn gun. “Drop it,” he shouted and fired off a round. Joe returned fire and hit him in the shoulder. Two more security guards appeared. His daughter screamed and laid down on the floor.

Joe grabbed the nurse around the throat, “I’ve got you for insurance. Are you going to admit my daughter now?”

“Does she have Blue Cross or Blue Shield? She said.

“No, neither one,”

“Any insurance at all?” The nurse choked out because Joe’s arm was around her throat making it hard for her to speak.

“I have money in the bank. I’ll pay you what it costs. Please, just take care of my daughter.”

“I’ll have to call the doctor and get permission,” the nurse said.

Joe looked at the two guns aimed at him. He couldn’t let her go. If he did he’d be shot. His daughter screamed in pain, he loosened his grip, “Hurry up, call him.”

A smile lit the nurse’s face, “He said it would be okay if you put your gun away.”

“I need some sort of guarantee,” Joe whispered in her ear.

“I’ll give you my word,” the nurse whispered back.

His daughter screamed again, Joe let the nurse go. The security guards jumped onto him and beat him with their clubs and guns while his daughter filled the room with painful shrieks. Those painful sounds enabled Joe to summon superhuman strength and fight the two guards. He heard the nurse telling two orderlies to take his noisy daughter to the county hospital.

Adrenaline pumped through his veins and he overcame the men he fought and picked up his gun.

“I want my daughter admitted now,” he shouted.

“No Dad! I don’t need to be admitted, your granddaughter has already arrived.”

Joe turned to see his granddaughter nestled in her mother’s arms just before the bullet from one security guard’s gun penetrated his brain. His neurons exploded and as his spirit ascended from the top of his head, he knew he’d accomplished what he was sent here to do!


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