#203 Election Day

#203 Election Day


Every day, headlines scream about murders, kidnappings, bribing of public officials. “I can’t allow it to go on forever,” the President of the United States said. “Everything that happens gets attributed to the war on drugs. There doesn’t seem to be any way to win. Tell me, what should I do?” he asked his DEA director.

“There’s only one way to win this war,” the DEA director said. The president agreed to his plan. After the United States annexed Mexico and its 150 million citizens in 2024, Congress passed a constitutional amendment in 2025 to appease the newly acquired Mexican population, composed of mant under the age of 25. The amendment lowered the age requirement to vote or become a congressman to 16 and the age requirement for president to 21.

The annexation created boom times as retirees flocked to the newly admitted states of Mexico and Mexicans who were now Americans could travel freely throughout the United States. Most Mexicans wanted to move north where the jobs were. Retirees wanted to move south for the sunshine.

Housing boomed in all states to accommodate the two-way migration. Things went well for a few years until

Congress allowed any citizen of the USA to be eligible for Social Security at the age of 68.

The heavy tax burden was damaging to the economy and there were no entry-level jobs for those coming of age. The elderly were content with the way things were, but the young generation felt it unfair that they had to support them with an astronomical tax rate for Social Security.

Youth had the power of the ballot box and elected as many young congressmen as possible at every election. Juan Espinoza was elected at sixteen and pushed the Senility Act.             Once Congress and the Senate passed the act, it

outlawed anyone over the age of 65 from voting because they may have dementia. After the passage, eligible voters under 35 outnumbered elder voters by a substantial margin.

“When I’m elected president, I promise to pass legislation to protect the young people of our great country by fixing Social Security. We all know it’s destroying the economy because what we pay in is going out to retirees and not being invested,” Juan Espinoza said when he launched his campaign.

At Juan Espinoza’s first press conference, a reporter from the Times asked a question. “We’ve heard that from every candidate since Obama. What can you do that hasn’t been tried yet?”

“I’ve got a plan, but won’t unveil it until I’m ready to hand it to Congress for approval.”

“Do you really expect people to vote for you on that vague promise?”

“I’m not making a promise just to get elected. I’m saying that when I get elected, I will implement my plan to fix SS and use the money to benefit my generation.”

The reporter followed his first question with another. “The Senility Act has caused considerable generational conflict. Do you have a plan to end the animosity?”

“Yes. Once I fix SS “We live in a democracy, yet the elderly produce 76% of total U.S. personal health care expenses. The minority is bankrupting the majority. The solution I have formulated is to let retirees have three good years with all the benefits our forefathers enjoyed, that problem will resolve itself.”

Juan Espinoza was elected President of the USA at the age of 22 in the 2044 presidential election, the first native Mexican ever elected. Within days, he submitted his plan to fix Social Security. It began with lowering the retirement age back to 65. This was widely cheered and garnered enough attention for the populace to read through his proposal.

As health care expenses increase tremendously, I propose no one be allowed to extend life beyond 68 years.

The money saved will pay off our national debt in a few years and the quality of life will increase for the majority. Our government will provide humane assistance and grant three final reasonable wishes on each person’s 68th birthday before they are painlessly terminated.”

The average age in the Senate and House was now under 30, so the proposed bill easily passed. Many people 50 and over revolted, but the National Guard and Army were commanded by officers under the age of 30 per the new president’s first order. The senior citizen revolt was quickly put down and those who participated were quickly euthanized under the new law in which a section provided euthanasia for any rebellious citizens over the age of 50.

At a White House press conference, a reporter asked, “Mr. President, your grandfather will be 68 tomorrow. Will you make an exception for him?”

“He has already informed the dispatching center what his three wishes are. The first is to have sex with an 18-year-old girl, which is allowed under the by-laws. The second is for a porterhouse steak and a bottle of Jim Beam, and his third wish is to say goodbye to the President of the USA personally. I will visit him just before he’s terminated.”

This proved that the president would be impartial about carrying out the law he instigated.

He went to visit his grandfather, who sat with an empty dinner plate in front of him, a bottle of Jim Beam whiskey in his hand, and a smile on his face. The president knew the smile was from his encounter with the young lady. Grandpa always did like young women.

“Can you say something for the press?” the President asked his grandfather, pointing to the three reporters who accompanied him.

“Sure can.” Grandpa stood up, smashed the bottle over the president’s head, and then forced the jagged remains into the president’s throat.

“I want you to keep me company on my trip, boy.” He twisted the bottle completely around before a guard could intervene. Grandpa died with a smile on his face. The president didn’t.

#203 Election Day

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