Guess there’s still hope for me. If C.L. could change, maybe I can?

It’s the birthday of novelist and Christian apologist C.S. Lewis (books by this author ), born Clive Staples Lewis in Belfast, Ireland (1898). He grew up in a big house out in the country. He said: “I am the product … Continue reading “Guess there’s still hope for me. If C.L. could change, maybe I can?”

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Would an American President Lie?

On this day in 1986, Attorney General Edwin Meese revealed that proceeds from secret arms sales to Iran were illegally diverted to support Contra rebels in Nicaragua . Three weeks earlier, a Lebanese magazine had broken the story that the … Continue reading “Would an American President Lie?”

Free audio book-A Penis Manologue  

A serial killer detector  

It’s the birthday of astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble

Born in Marshfield, Missouri (1889). He was a gifted athlete, and for a while, it looked as if he might make a name for himself that way. He ran track and played baseball, football, and basketball. And — with the … Continue reading “It’s the birthday of astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble”

Things an unwanted child can do!

It was on this day in 1558 that Queen Elizabeth I ascended to the English throne. Her father, King Henry VIII, had broken with the Catholic Church to divorce his first wife and marry Anne Boleyn in hopes of producing a male … Continue reading “Things an unwanted child can do!”

My updated publication list

31 Nights of Halloween ·        3 Editions ·        Current Sales Rank: #112,130 in Audible Store ·        Average Review:  (6 reviews) Best Served Cold: an Eye for an Eye ·        2 Editions ·        Current Sales Rank: #4,115,877 in Kindle Store ·        Average … Continue reading “My updated publication list”

Will History Repeat Itself?

Today is the celebration day for when in 1605 police foiled the so-called Gunpowder Plot by seizing Guy Fawkes before he could blow up the English Parliament.   Many people have worn a Guy Fawkes Mask during the occupy, and … Continue reading “Will History Repeat Itself?”