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It hasn’t been a hundred years that we have known this.

Astronomer Edwin Hubble announced the discovery of other galaxies beyond the Milky Way on this date in 1924. Before he made his discovery, everyone thought that our Milky Way galaxy was the only galaxy in the universe, and that there wasn’t much outside it besides the Magellanic Clouds, which are visible by the naked eye…

6 book trailers  

Trailers for six of Joe’s books.  

A Bottle of Booze Will Do

Being sober fills the inside of my head and scrapes the back of my eyes with unjust images and words, like incest, spousal abuse, and kids so hungry they eat their own.   I can’t be without booze obliterating the wounds society has assigned to me   Well you can say goodbye, but please don’t…

A Penis Manologue


Poetry at work!


It’s the birthday of the artist Georges Seurat, born in Paris in 1859.

He painted huge canvases with tiny dots of many colors, and this technique became known as Pointillism. His most famous painting is Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, which took him about two years to paint.