Reaching for the Moon

When on a date with a woman I’ve recently met, I’m soon wishing I was alone, until I met a brightly shining star hovering above the crowd of single women I know.   To her life is glorious and her … Continue reading “Reaching for the Moon”

Who’s To Blame

My subconscious sent words through email a week ago, and created thoughts I never would have had if, they weren’t hidden in the membranes of my sensible mind. If I had been aware, I would have edited and revised.   … Continue reading “Who’s To Blame”

Thanksgiving Day for Cubs Fans

Today is Thanksgiving Day. Although the Thanksgiving festivities celebrated by the Pilgrims and a tribe of Wampanoag Indians happened in 1621, it wasn’t until 1789 that the newly sworn-in President George Washington declared, in his first presidential proclamation, a day … Continue reading “Thanksgiving Day for Cubs Fans”

Anyone giving a Nazi salute should be required to wear an armband with a Swastika on it. The Nazis made Jews wear a yellow star, so how about a little payback!  

On this day in 1963 that President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot

It was about 12:30 p.m. on this day in 1963 that President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot while riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. The Warren Commission published a report concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in … Continue reading “On this day in 1963 that President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot”

The story that inspired Melville to write, “Moby Dick.”

On this date in 1820, a sperm whale attacked a whaling ship off the coast of South America. The Essex hailed from Nantucket, Massachusetts, and was captained by George Pollard Jr. Pollard was only 29, the youngest man to ever command a whaling … Continue reading “The story that inspired Melville to write, “Moby Dick.””


How many boodlers will there be in the new administration?  PRONUNCIATION:  (BOOD-luhr) MEANING: noun: Someone involved in bribery or corruption.  

coulrophobia & kakistocracy

Another word we can use in today’s climate. coulrophobia PRONUNCIATION: (kool-ruh-FOH-bee-uh)  

It’s the birthday of Claude Monet,

Born in Paris (1840). He and his friend Auguste Renoir were among the first European painters to take their canvases outside to paint directly from nature. They would often work as quickly as they could, so that their paintings looked … Continue reading “It’s the birthday of Claude Monet,”