A Conversation With a Tree

I’m sad to say, the end is here. A poet I’ll never be, so to be fair I have to quit trying to string together words in proper form. Don’t expect another poem to be mailed from me to you.I … Continue reading “A Conversation With a Tree”

The Light

Every time I had a choice, it wasn’t hard to make. I’d drink beer whiskey, wine, gin, or what have you. It wasn’t for the taste, it was to forget everything in my life.. All the people I knew didn’t … Continue reading “The Light”

An America writer

An America writer in the 1800’s was unable to read his own script, his hand always slipped. He couldn’t hire a man to copy his words as laborers during that time were rare. He didn’t think it fair that he’d … Continue reading “An America writer”

Crime A Day

“Historically important, insightful, and hugely entertaining” — Debra Di Blasi, author of Drought and Prayers of an Accidental Nature “Bold and frank, Crime A Day tells Joe DiBuduo’s story of growing up poor and hungry, of the redemptive power of … Continue reading “Crime A Day”

Art is everywhere

It’s always nice to see blue skies with gray and passing white clouds turning into more shapes than our population. In anticipation our imagination and some speculation creates forms without explanation or description. It’s even better when day turns to … Continue reading “Art is everywhere”


I’m not sure what it was, maybe I’m a nut, or maybe because of my seclusion it was an illusion, or a vision of another dimension. I’ll give odds it was sent by the gods to show me the way … Continue reading “What!”

Be Nice To Your Wife

When death takes you, don’t overload loved ones with funeral costs. Donate your body to science, and once you sign on the line, your corpse will get a free ride from the place where you lost your breath, and met … Continue reading “Be Nice To Your Wife”

I’d Rather Be Blind

I’d rather be blind than see on TV, places where kids are tortured because of an archaic belief. Do I have to see hospitals destroyed with kids inside whose time is brief. Babies smother and die when oxygen is destroyed … Continue reading “I’d Rather Be Blind”

Asteroids deliver frozen Water and,

Asteroids deliver frozen Water and, drops of it fall from the sky so things don’t die. Thirsty ground, animals, plants, and man go to hollows to swallow as much as they can. It’s unknown when the next nourishing drops will … Continue reading “Asteroids deliver frozen Water and,”

Singing the blues

Wasn’t it yesterday when we lay in bed with me holding you tight? The life we lived was okay. We didn’t fight and you swore we’d stick together for the rest of our lives. You said it was the only … Continue reading “Singing the blues”