I have written a novel to try to bring this to the attention of westerners.


I’m not as smart as

I’m not as smart as I once thought it has been shown to me on this day when standing by a tree, one of those I believed beneath my intellect, physical strength, and splendor, with a voice as sweet as … Continue reading “I’m not as smart as”


I saw him there on his hospital bed almost dead. Squirming in pain and unable to speak, his breathe whistled through his teeth that bit through his lip and gave a view of something I’d never do to take my … Continue reading “Breath”


My muse, who chooses to provide me with grand ideas, of how to build and create pieces of art with lips that never lie. She shows me how to make them pleasing to every eye. In my mind, I see … Continue reading “Creation”


I write every day and if what I have to say, doesn’t have sagacity, it’s okay, it doesn’t have to stay. I have a fixation with association when without hesitation I put pen to paper and compose a story with … Continue reading “Nonsense”


Days gone by are many more than the ones I have left in my life, but memories of just what happened and what pleasures were mine in those yesterdays fade against what I’ll do with the days ahead, though I … Continue reading “Yesterday”


Politicians When a politician says, “Lend me your ear,” on radio or TV, what he’s going to say is “There’s no other way, but to be bold and throw the old way away, so “Listen to my lies, disguised as … Continue reading “Politicians”

Why Am I Still Here

I’m still alive and didn’t know why until the day she said with skill “The reason you’re still here, “is for me to see old age isn’t so cruel after all.” I didn’t understand until my young lovely, lady, friend … Continue reading “Why Am I Still Here”

Going for a ride

We take our bikes out where there are no cars and the right to ride a long way is ours without worrying about getting hit by a driver who would ask who we think we are to ride on a … Continue reading “Going for a ride”