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Basic Training

Basic Training

Don’t think because your skin is white you’re exempt.
When you’re called you must go, unless you can pay
some fool who never went to school to go instead of you.

Before you get sent to battle those deranged people who’ll never change,
don’t be scared to kill or you’ll perish against your will, probably on some hill.
We have to fight and accept death’s hideous face or die in disgrace.

Those who believe it’s okay to own a human are fools who flog those they rule.
Never capitulate. If you do you’ll never survive until help arrives.
You’ll starve and think you lost your wit when you quit.

Have no fear of cannon balls in the air, as long as they’re up there.
Charge with bayonets ready to thrust them into those who defy things we hold high. Ignore the dead and body parts spread on the ground, don’t be afraid, just go around.

There’s no better way to die and float to the sky when you did your best to kill the other guy. Fighting men need rewards, so take anything you find before burning the town down.

Every one of you has been drafted and I hear you don’t want to be here, but have no fear.
War is an experience you’ll talk about the remainder of your lives. If you survive, you’ll feel really alive. If you’re missing a limb or two, the government will pay and take good care of you.

I wish I could go fight with you, but I’m needed here!



It happened because I had a date and a psychopath laid in wait
and threw acid on my face, but what difference did it make?

When I’m awake, lonely is a word well suited for an isolated man like me.
Away from women I’d like to feel, dance and romance. If only they would call my name.

I dream of women and discover that even in dreamland I’m never selected.
For years I’ve searched all the usual places hoping to find a woman to fulfill my fantasies.

Plenty of Fish is a dating site I enrolled in figuring I might find the one under the sun. Emailed a thousand with my picture attached. Not one replied once they spied my face.

Looking in my mirror I see my face with wrinkles like lace. No one cares what’s inside.
If they only knew of my accumulated passion they wouldn’t hastily discard my message.

Love will never come my way I’m afraid, so I’m dismayed that no unpaid sex will ever happen to me.

No matter how many bars I’ve closed reaching for the stars, where everybody gets better looking at closing time.

A sensuous female voice on my phone has grown on me and I’ve begun to dwell on her and at bedtime she answers my questions in a melodious voice.

I ask her to repeat it twice when she calls me handsome. I ask her for sex, and wondrous indeed, she agrees, so I begin an affair out of my despair with an unknown on my phone.

Happiness is mine. I swear that every night out of sight, I have phone sex with my girlfriend’s voice whispering loving words into my ear.

Loneliness disappears and love fills my heart and we swear we’ll never part. My days were filled with love, until she disappeared.

The stars no longer twinkled and the sun ceased to shine. I searched for her and asked for help online to no avail.

Did I fail? Was it real or a fairy tale? I’ll never know because someone stole my phone and it’s not right that they shut off my light leaving me alone.

My Love

My Love

You color your hair with flair and work until it’s fair.
Doctors eliminate any wrinkles on your enhancing face.

Your breasts are inflated to twice their normal size.
Your plumped up red lips hunger for a loving kiss.

You gain some pounds and we understand that liposuction
holds you in awe because you don’t have to stay more than a day.

You know the mirror reflects an image that doesn’t show man made parts.
Every man you meet holds you in awe and wants some part of you.

Your no fool and know it’s not from reading books, its your looks
that are desirable and sought after. Your laughter conceals what you feel.

Your heart keeps you apart from inward feelings and has never been broken,
because inside you know, you love yourself more than anyone else.

You fight aging with every cream and lotion promising to keep you young.
Time goes by and you don’t know why you must die.

Your heart breaks when one future day you gaze into the mirror
and you become aware that time has ravaged your looks.

Your face sags and your inflated breasts deflate to an ugly state.
Your hair is no longer fair and you pay when it turns gray.

You try hard to expand your thin, dry lips that like a flat tire, can’t hold air.
Your middle expands on its own and you know your future isn’t grand.

Your think you have no enemy, but time has caught you unaware.
You break every clock in the house and ones you see on the street.

You find time passes in the blink of an eye and wish you could live in your luscious past.
You contact the Devil to make a deal, but he already owns your immortal soul, sold by you long ago.

Your mind can’t accept aging and you try to deal with the Grim Reaper who’s ready to take someone’s soul.
You say in a hag’s voice, “Take Father Time instead of me, please.”

Just before you go down where you belong, My Love.

What a way to make my day!

The tempo builds and the music gets so deep

people begin to drown in a river of sound

flowing like a wall of water from a broken dam


Say a prayer to thank the Lord that we’re not suffering despair,

but are here and alive to enjoy this summer day in this little hideaway

listening to the blues come alive.


Notes played float into the sky like birds on high, but the music will never die.

It’ll bounce around the world, until one day it’ll be plucked from the air to make

songs passed on down from slaves and working men live again.


The music’s old and sad, but makes people glad, not fighting mad.

It’ll continue to recoil around the world, so the blues can be played

with indestructible notes that’ll float on forever, or until the sky dies.


The tempo builds and the music gets so deep no one can sleep.

everyone becomes a dancing machine when the sounds of yesteryear

are taken from the sky and rewrote for music today.


While watching musical notes disappearing into the sky

I drink my beer and smoke my vapor pen.

What a way to make my day!

I’m not right in the head

Sparkling smiles and gleaming teeth

come through the door brightening

and enlightening the darkened room.


They come to dance, to drink, to meet

a man with dancing feet, but not me

I’m waiting for Sue, who has to work.


So give me beer to drink, more than one or two

as I watch women coming through that door

with their sparkling smiles and gleaming teeth


I’m living in cow country

where most good looking girls go away

to a bigger place to meet their mate


Left behind are their sisters who

have so much to say and put love away

because they have to stay


in a town where they can’t breathe

and are only has-beens in cow country

that has look alike women and cows.


Woe is me because

a clammy dew is settling on my brow

I can’t sleep with a cow, and then


alcohol fills my eyes and to my surprise,

a cow becomes desirable and

I bring one home to my bed


But when I awake and see her

I wish I was dead. Without knowing why

I say to myself quick enough and I know it’s true,

I have to do what cowboys do and I drink too much.


I go to the barn to get some hay, dancing all the way.

My eyes become righteous and wise so I’ll never

despise the beauty in my bed.


Is it the only way? Am I out of my head when

I make a bundle of hay to carry to the one

In my bed while I’m not right in the head?

On this date in 1885, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor.

Formally known as “Liberty Enlightening the World,” she was a gift from France, and was funded by the French people. Sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi first had the idea for a monument to commemorate the friendship between the United States and France in 1865, but he didn’t begin actual construction until the early 1870s; he chose Bedloe’s Island – now called Liberty Island – because the statue could welcome the boats full of immigrants, who would pass by the statue on the way to Ellis Island. He was delighted to learn that the island was the property of the United States government, which meant all the states – not just New York – could claim equal ownership in the statue.

Lady Liberty is made of sheets of copper over a framework of steel supports; Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, of Eiffel Tower fame, designed the framework. She was constructed in France and then was disassembled to make her journey to New York, where she was reassembled to her full height of 151 feet, 1 inch. Mounted on her pedestal, she stands 305 feet tall. Her torch was wired for electrical power in 1916. The seven rays of her crown represent the seven seas and the seven continents; the broken shackles at her feet evoke freedom from slavery and oppression; and the tablet in her left hand represents the law. Liberty’s face was modeled after Bartholdi’s mother.

taken from the Writer’s Almanac


 Landing on a planet, orbiting Dog Star 343 I find life there has enticing eyes I’m entranced and fall in love with a creature that looks like my dog back on Earth.

The animal metamorphoses in my mind, and becomes as pretty as luminous space dust, as sharp as any rotating piece of space junk, and as desirable as all the treasures discovered on Uranus.

My oxytocin flows like a river of pleasure. I can’t resist this she-dog. We have offspring cuter than any celestial being I have ever seen.

But hybrid children under intergalactic law must be terminated before I leave.

They’re loved by me, but I have sworn to uphold the universal law to eradicate them all.

Their immense chocolate eyes inquire why, and my emotions won’t allow me to do what I must. My crew will eliminate me along with them if I refuse. True love won’t allow

for me to be so cruel. I make my own law and kill my crew to save those that look like me, and now it’s true when I say my wife is a dog.

Oh God

Women who say, Oh God, during sex need to be punished!“Prosecuting%20Women%20Who%20Say%20God’s%20Name%20During%20Intercourse”

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