#300 Stars

The sun creeps over the hill in the morning, neither brightening nor warming my world. Its harsh light pierces my reality. It doesn’t care that I’ve got the blues and can never again be warmed by its light. She told … Continue reading “#300 Stars”

#298 Ice

#298 Ice   It was a warm Chicago summer day when I first saw her angelic face and aura of innocence that drew me to her like a drug promising to make my life all right. I thought if I … Continue reading “#298 Ice”

#299 Baby, Baby Please

  Debby didn’t show up for our date again. I knew she went out with somebody else instead.  I wrote her an emotional e-mail to let her know what I thought, “Baby, please don’t lie to me. Tell me the … Continue reading “#299 Baby, Baby Please”

297 – I Believe – Not

297 – I Believe – Not Joe tried to please his wife in bed but could never measure up. Whatever he tried, his wife wanted the opposite. She’d complain that having sex didn’t last long enough. When he extended the … Continue reading “297 – I Believe – Not”

#296 Reprisal

  I wanted to get rid of my wife and not give her a dime. I wracked my brain, did a little research, and found an easy solution.  In 1960, I only had to say she was insane and they … Continue reading “#296 Reprisal”

#295 Sugar and Spice

When I was a boy, the descriptions of little girls as made of sugar and spice seemed so true. But, lo and behold, they grew and transformed from sugar to salt and from spice to spite. Their lovely baby giggles … Continue reading “#295 Sugar and Spice”

#294 Questions

I asked my wife if she thought our world was as it seems. “What do you mean?” she asked as she flipped the eggs she was cooking for my breakfast. “I wonder if I’m deceiving myself by believing the world … Continue reading “#294 Questions”

#293 Dueling Options

One gloomy day on my way to the Park Street Subway station, I walked through Boston Commons and felt a tug on my arm. I turned to see a girl dressed like a gypsy. She motioned for me to follow … Continue reading “#293 Dueling Options”

#292 Mistaken Priest

Joe held his son’s hand outside Saint Mary’s Catholic Church and told him, “Wait here.” He felt his .44 Colt revolver sticking into his ribs. Conflicted about what he should do after what his son said had happened, Joe wanted … Continue reading “#292 Mistaken Priest”