#272 Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds

Reverend Paul Munson watched ragged children trudging through mud on their daily diamond searches. He came to Africa to do God’s work. To his surprise, he discovered that the televangelist who sponsored his ministry owned the mines where these kids … Continue reading “#272 Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds”

#271 Aug. 26, 2032,

  Bernie gazed at Shelia as she sauntered across the observatory floor. He couldn’t keep his eyes off his beautiful assistant. He tried to make headway with her, but she had said, “Bernie, you’re old enough to be my father.” … Continue reading “#271 Aug. 26, 2032,”

#270 It’ll Happen Before You Have Time to Think

  Facing us is the fact that a computer will be able to store your personal thoughts and all things in your brain, including love, hate and all your sins. Nothing will be sacred, nothing will be private. Every thought … Continue reading “#270 It’ll Happen Before You Have Time to Think”

#268 Bloodless

  “I had this weird dream last night about Maria,” I told my Suzzy-Q. “Yeah, how weird?” It went like this: Maria’s Mom was in the kitchen making tortillas. Ricardo sat on Maria’s living room couch, “Darling, you never have … Continue reading “#268 Bloodless”

#269 Glassbreaker.

While growing up, comic books were my life. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, they were the best. I always wanted a power so I could be a crime fighter like them. Every kid had that dream. Mine carried on until I started … Continue reading “#269 Glassbreaker.”

How Long Is A Novel? – DailyWritingTips

  How Long Is A Novel? Posted: 25 Aug 2015 09:30 PM PDT Before the advent of ebooks, modern fiction writers concerned themselves chiefly with two lengths: long (novels) and short (short stories). With the advent of digital publishing, the … Continue reading “How Long Is A Novel? – DailyWritingTips”

#267 To Share or not to Share

#267 To Share or not to Share   Jim and I claimed to be studying global warming when we trekked across Antarctica. We used it as an excuse to be alone and away from all who hated the fact we … Continue reading “#267 To Share or not to Share”

#266 Marilyn’s Face

  #266 Marilyn’s Face   “I know one thing baby.” “What’s that?” “You aren’t gonna be around to see Santa Claus this year.” “How do you know?” Marilyn asked just before I fixed it so she couldn’t say another word. … Continue reading “#266 Marilyn’s Face”

#264 The atheist

Being an atheist, I didn’t believe religious bullshit, but I hadn’t eaten in three days, so the thought of bread and wine drove me inside when I spotted the Catholic Church. I entered, washed my face and hands in the … Continue reading “#264 The atheist”

#263 A Picture

#263 A Picture  No one had seen it for over a hundred years until that idiot, my 76th wife, found my baby picture. That meant I’ll be looking for number 77 in the near future. Seventy-Six, I called them by … Continue reading “#263 A Picture”