#237 A Strong Wind Blows

Mother Nature Can Display Breathtaking Beauty, but She’s a Bitch.               The ferocious winter wind blew off of Lake Michigan dropping temperatures way below zero. Squirrels hid in their trees, and birds didn’t dare try to fly into the … Continue reading “#237 A Strong Wind Blows”

#238 Infidelities has rewards

Umber colored skies blocked the sun and v formations of birds flew south on a one way lane. I looked at the earth and saw dead leaves, brown grass, and dried up roses. Snow fell, water became ice, and, a … Continue reading “#238 Infidelities has rewards”

#236 Joe, a Prescott writer Joe

#236 Joe, a Prescott writer Prescott , a little mountain town nestled in the pines of Arizona is a place biker’s ride to on weekends to get away from the hot valley. They come to town wearing leather and usually … Continue reading “#236 Joe, a Prescott writer Joe”

#235 Boston Public Gardens

#235 Boston Public Gardens   It took years to change my mind about homosexuals because when I was a kid, my mom would save her money to take my brother and me on a swan boat ride in the Boston … Continue reading “#235 Boston Public Gardens”

#234 Jennifer, November 3

Joe’s ex-wife turned out to be an alley cat, fucked every man she met and a few women too. She didn’t give a damn about her kids and ran off with an idiot who had big muscles and was well … Continue reading “#234 Jennifer, November 3”


Perfection   “Perfection is attainable for all,” the electronic sign over the subway entrance said. “Even for you Joe 9275,” it said in a seductive female voice. I hated being known everywhere I went, because I couldn’t get away from … Continue reading “Perfection”

#232 Rumination

#232 Rumination When I was a boy, my Dad would send me to get a fifty pound bag of potatoes from the Stop & Shop grocery store in Union Square. My mom claimed to have thought of that name for … Continue reading “#232 Rumination”

#231 Silks and Satins

You save every dime you can, and the day finally comes when you get to go to Hawthorne. You know the horses racing there aren’t the best and the races are sometimes fixed, but you think that maybe if it’s … Continue reading “#231 Silks and Satins”

#230 Florida Vacation

A vacation in Florida was a birthday present to me, from me. I rented an ocean front condo and the warm moist and salty ocean breeze blew through my room refreshing all my senses to long forgotten pleasures. It washed … Continue reading “#230 Florida Vacation”

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