#206 Slaughter

#206 Slaughter   When I was a boy of eight, there was a shed nearby where men went to meet and hang out. I’d often peek through a crack in the walls and watch as they played cards, drank, and … Continue reading “#206 Slaughter”


    When Cindy, my sculpturing teacher at Yavapai College, instructed me how to use cement, I was repulsed by the idea of using a coarse material like concrete to make attractive sculptures. Difficult at first, concrete soon became a … Continue reading “#205—Cement”

#204 Business Trip

#204 Business Trip   I had to go to Denver on a business trip. I left my wife home with the kids. I never called while gone because my wife said hearing my voice from so far away upset her … Continue reading “#204 Business Trip”

#203 Election Day

#203 Election Day   Every day, headlines scream about murders, kidnappings, bribing of public officials. “I can’t allow it to go on forever,” the President of the United States said. “Everything that happens gets attributed to the war on drugs. … Continue reading “#203 Election Day”

#202 Conscience

  In the middle of the night, I get up for a drink and as I turn on the tap, I see a thing of beauty in my kitchen sink struggling for its tiny life against torrentially streaming water. To … Continue reading “#202 Conscience”

#201 Urban Dictionary Words

  Words galore have poured forth from my brain to my keyboard to my computer screen, stored and then e-mailed to those of you who read the poetry I wrote. Alas, the flow went into remission because you stifled my … Continue reading “#201 Urban Dictionary Words”

#200 Ice

  It was a warm Chicago summer day when I first saw her angelic face and aura of innocence that drew me to her like a drug promising to make my life all right. I thought if I made her … Continue reading “#200 Ice”

My writer’s discussion group is now on meetup.com

Let’s discuss marketing our work at the July meeting Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015, 5:45 PM Prescott Valley Library7501 E Civic Center Dr. PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ 8 Writers Went Marketing will be the opening subject, but the discussion can change depending … Continue reading “My writer’s discussion group is now on meetup.com”

#199 Today

  Wish You Were Here, a brand new social site, invites me to join. I log on and fill out a questionnaire, but it never asks me what I wish for. Since I filled out that form someone has been … Continue reading “#199 Today”

#198 Fertile at Any Age

  I packed my jeep with camping gear, supplies, and enough beer and wine to last a week. Donna knew where there were old Indian ruins off the beaten track. I wanted to search for artifacts because the market for … Continue reading “#198 Fertile at Any Age”