#173 Online Dating Despair

#173 Online Dating Despair Joe worked in Photoshop and finished touching up a shot taken of him ten years earlier when he was forty. The resulting picture showed an image of a twenty- something. He admired the solid black hair … Continue reading “#173 Online Dating Despair”

#172 An Occurrence at Prescott Public Library

#172  An Occurrence at Prescott Public Library   On the afternoon of Sunday, April 1, the cloud-filled sky emptied onto the desert, and as usual, the gloomy weather brought on my blues, changing my world, from a happy place to … Continue reading “#172 An Occurrence at Prescott Public Library”

#171 Internal Disintegrating Words from the Id

I’m usually a mellow guy and get along with most everyone. Sometimes, though, I come across a person who clashes with my energy field so much that being in the same room sets off sparks of animosity, hatred, violence, and … Continue reading “#171 Internal Disintegrating Words from the Id”

#169 Burn Bitch Burn

I dropped a flaming match into the hay stacked around Matilda. Flames rose; she screamed. My mind jumped back to the beginning of the day. At work, I couldn’t stop imagining how much fun we’d have together. Thinking about her … Continue reading “#169 Burn Bitch Burn”

#168 Dream Train

#168 Dream Train Things happened when I was five that I can’t forget. When I go to bed, I try to think of something else, but a vision that’s always in my head appears. I see a steam engine with … Continue reading “#168 Dream Train”

#167 Gracefully aging

#167 Gracefully Aging Her angelic look mirrored her innocence the first time I saw her. I knew she was the one for me. Her radiant face lit the entire place, warming my heart while I watched her twirling around the … Continue reading “#167 Gracefully aging”

#166 Rejected

#166 Rejected A letter from Shuster Publishing is in my mailbox.  My heart races, I can hardly breathe. I tear open the envelope anticipating an acceptance letter for my sci-fi story. I see the form letter, and my heart almost … Continue reading “#166 Rejected”

#165 Saturday Night

  #165 Saturday Night Today is Sunday, and my life will finally end. Something most men dread, but I anticipate the peace it will bring. I’ll never forget the good loving we almost had last night when we first met. … Continue reading “#165 Saturday Night”

#164 Genocide

#164 Genocide Professor Spindle started his demonstration. His class of advanced high school science students viewed a monitor ablaze with a thermonuclear explosion that expanded in slow motion, observing it from ignition to the brilliantly lit end. “Fascinating stuff, huh … Continue reading “#164 Genocide”

#163 Art

#163Art Being alone breeds discontent. If only I could find the right one, my life would be filled with joy. Love has eluded me and slipped away so many times before. Hope had disappeared because I was never smart enough … Continue reading “#163 Art”