Cryonic Man

Right this minute, Cryonic Man is 69 on the hot new time travel release list. But the release date mysteriously changed to February 13 rather than 14.  ???  

Missy and the Easter Bunny

I wrote this story for my great grand kids and their cousin. Ages 3 to 9. I’d have made it free, but Amazon doesn’t allow that, so I charged the minimum 99 cents.  

Cryonic Man

My book just dropped from # 85 to 88 on Amazon. It would be appreciated if you’d buy a copy to help make my first published novel a success. Thanks. Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #77,220 in Books (See Top 100 in … Continue reading “Cryonic Man”

Cryonic Man

My first novel has been published today.  

#65 Internal Disintegrating Words From the Id   #65   Internal Disintegrating Words From the Id   I’m a mellow guy and get along with most everyone. Sometimes though, I come across a person who clashes with my energy field so much that being in the same … Continue reading “#65 Internal Disintegrating Words From the Id”

Cryonic Man

This has been in the works since 2006. It’s full of unusual twist and turns. I believe this is one book that no one will figure out the end before the end. Jim Jackson travels to the spiritual world while … Continue reading “Cryonic Man”


33 THOUGHTS ON READING i-will-not-finish-books-i-dont-like I will make time for reading, the way I make time for meals, or brushing my teeth. I will make an effort to carry a book with me at all times. I will read whatever … Continue reading “33 THOUGHTS ON READING”


A.Word.A.Day with Anu Garg The beginning of 2015 means the starting of engines in the US presidential race. The elections will be held in late 2016, but around here we like to start early. POTUS, the President of the United … Continue reading ““Nimrod””