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#81 Puzzled   As a child, questions like why I existed never arose because I was too busy searching for food, clothing, or something exciting to make life worth living.  Never gave a thought to the meaning of life, the future or anything else. I struggled to stay alive until I grew up and learned…

Fossil Creek AZ Fall, 2015

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“Give Me Head!” We began imagining such grafts centuries ago. One telling has it that the Hindu god Ganesha was beheaded by his father and revivified thanks to a donated elephant’s head. Fast-forward to the 1920s, and H. P. Lovecraft was writing about Herbert West preserving severed heads in a “vat of pulpy reptile-tissue”, ready to be…

A mild shift in the brain’s electric state can reduce stress and anxiety,

These customized “vibes” are Thync’s secret sauce; the resulting mild shift in the brain’s electric state can reduce stress and anxiety or call up a person’s best stuff on demand, Tyler says. And that’s really just the beginning. Thync plans to launch its app with two vibes, “Calm” and “Energy,” but as the technology (and…

Duty to Die

  Duty to Die The years begin with a babies squall, and soon pass on by. Then we’re old enough to go to school, to drive, to drink, but no one  ever thinks they’re’ old enough to die.   Everyone wants to survive until the day comes when death is welcomed as a friend. Age…

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The English Language

    Interesting bok.  

HSBC Bank – “The World’s Bank” & The Blood Diamond Traders – Killing The Loving Idea

HSBC – “The World’s Bank” I once read an article in which an eminent psychologist was asked to make a case study of the average corporate company as if it were a human being. The findings? Corporate companies have the personality of a psychopath. Makes…  …

30 Short Short Stories

My newest publication of 30 short short stories.