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Meetup with non believers for a hike if you like,

to see all the sights God didn’t create. There’s

no reason for the seasons, the breezes, the

mountains, trees, flowers or shrubbery to exist.


It all just accidentally happened and we

have no souls. Energy may go on existing,

but it has no intelligence or memory, so

when we die, everything we know is erased.


Face the facts and don’t even think about going

to heaven, because it’s not there. Don’t despair,

because even if you’re in a religious trance, you

don’t get another chance to make things right.


There’s not another life, so live the one you have

and enjoy every vice. I’d like to believe all this, but

to deny there exists something far superior to the

human mind is folly I think.


How can I close my mind to the star filled sky and

the beams and strings and waves that hold it all

together. Could all this have come out of an accidental



I’ve got to admit, I don’t believe there’s a guy in the sky

watching my every move, but I do think there’s a reason

everything exists, but don’t brag about this. I doubt a human

mind will ever discover why we exist, but I’ll pray to God that we do.



How Books Are Sold in China

Calvin Chik Cheng Wei, I’m a work-in-progress

 Book Sales in China
In the land where copyright is treated as a suggestion?

Books are sold in a novel manner (Pun fully intended).


You enter a bookstore. At first sight, everything seems normal. Your first red flag occurs when you pick a book up. Perhaps the colour on the cover is a little off. Perhaps some pages are printed askrew. Perhaps the pages are flimsier, and you can make out the words printed on the other side of each page.

Or perhaps the contrast of the ink is slightly off and you have just spent the last hour staring at Figure 6.2 and still can’t make out what that arrow is pointing to. 

You look around the dimly lit room. You notice the signs duct-taped over each dusty bookshelf, and it hits you. In lieu of the normal classifications “fiction”, “Non-fiction” … etc, the signs simply read RMB/斤 (price/weight).

Yes, books are sold by their weight. You compare books and find thatRevenge Wears Prada costs more than Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time, simply on the basis that it contains more pages.


You bring your books to the counter, and true enough, the store assistant dumps the books onto a scale. You hand over your money, he grunts and then you’re off.

You exit the store and squint in the strong sunlight. People rush around you, caught up in their own activities. Some scan the two rows of stores alongside the road and pass the bookstore where the storekeeper sits, calmly weighing books and conducting his daily business, as if nothing at all was unusual. And you can’t help smiling a little at the chutzpah of it all.


Raindrops fall like tears from the garage door above my

wet paintings, changing what I created. Raindrops

are sometimes soft and sweet, but today they fall like

acid on Venus, and eat through my designs..


Has fate played a hand in destroying what may

have been my masterpiece, or did it happen

because of chance? Am I destined to fail or has

the universe determined it wants me to do it over?


What’ll the universe do to me if I say, “That’s it, I quit,” and

my painting of things yet unseen never gets put  on paper.

Who’ll lose? Me, you, the world, the universe? How’ll I ever

know unless I do as told and begin all over again?


If I could only see what I saw before the raindrops came along.

Maybe I’m supposed to put my paintings out in the rain,

so the universe can paint a portrait of its own and demonstrate

how a little rain can bring us all together


as we see water drops becoming a puddle, a river, an ocean, and

then we’ll know, the  universe is us, like raindrops making puddles,

lakes, rivers, seas and oceans, together we become one.




It’s claimed by those who know, and aren’t ashamed

to say,” A hike a  day will delay the aging of your veins.

Your gains will help your brain and keep the doctor away.


Why aren’t the hiking trails filled with humans walking

their dogs, their partners, their kids, and maybe their cats?

Don’t they dare, or are they in despair?


Do people view walking as work when they put in a few miles,

or are they afraid of the sun, wind or rain?  “Be a man,”

I say, “even if you’re a woman, and meet Mother Nature


out in her place You’ll be surprised how welcoming she is

where natural things dwell and life begins. She’ll share all

her treasures held in reserve, cost free if you hike her roads.”


How many ants have ever seen a human I wonder. Do spiders

wait to seal your fate with a bite to any who come within range?

What about snakes and birds, do they wait to sedate people


who come to supply them with their needs for food or a place

to stay? Almost everyone I know, says they like to hike, but

why are all the hiking trails empty?


Motorized shopping carts should be banned other than to those

who need them. Obesity and lethargy should no longer qualify

those too lazy to walk and shop.


Their should be if a test administered to every citizen, to see if

they can walk a mile and still smile. Those who can’t should be

sent across the border to see the difference between here and there.


Those who come across from the North and South should be given

the smile a mile test, and if passed, they’d be welcome here as natural

citizens because they can still walk and keep on ticking like a clock..


What’re we put here for if not to interact with nature and her things? Is it natural

to sit and watch TV all day, or to eat more than we need? It’s time to say, “Listen to

what Nature has to say before she sends the Grim Reaper knocking at your door.”

Poem of the day

Doctor, Doctor, I’m in pain, and

you’re the man, so can you give

poor me a pill or a cure.


He grotesquely looks up from his desk.

Sorrow underneath his eyes contorts

his face. I ask,


“How are you Doc, are you going

to run in the marathon?” Sorrow

becomes pain when he says,


“My wife died, and there’s no place to hide.

Everything has gone to shit.” His gaze turns

toward the ceiling to hide his feelings.


My heart breaks for him. I want to ask, how?

Why? But don’t dare broach the subject as the

room fills with sorrow for his empty tomorrows.


He can heal me and a thousand more, but his

wife wasn’t restored and I wonder how many times

that thought flashes through his head during his day.


Does he beat his chest at night and cry, “Why, why

couldn’t I save her from the grave when I save so many

others. Why didn’t I see her fading when the disease invaded?


He suffers much more than I, and instead of him

giving me a pill to relieve my pain, I try to spread my

compassion on him, hoping to relieve his.


It’s All His Fault

because he’s  black. That’s the name of the game

being played by patriots who believe he’s against

Americans and lies through his perfect white teeth.


Make a movie. Make a documentary. Skew all the facts

to the max. It’s okay, because both sides pray and spew

lies that touch on truth, but deceive any who can’t perceive.


Mexicans wish the U.S. would have kept their entire country

instead of Just  taking half, “It’s true,” said one Mexican

American born on the right side of the fence.


Show in a dark light how some slaveholder’s were blacker than those

they owned. They sold their kids to the highest bidder and didn’t consider

what was good for them. Something a white slaveholder would never do.


Whites were slaves too it’s claimed, but liberals erased that from

the history books and try to foster guilt for the treatment of blacks,

on those of us who are white and alive today.


Capitalism greases the wheels that turn the globe and it’s

a blessing that enables Americans and others to get rich,

except those without a job, a home, or a video camera.

25 Great Sculptures

4th of July, poem and video

Independence Day


In 1776, men in attendance declared

independence, and if you were white that

night, it was alright, but those with colored skin,

it was ordained, lost more than they gained.


Great Britain abolished slavery in 1772, and that brings the thought

that our civil war would never have had to be  fought if Jefferson had

his way and made it illegal under the Republic’s Eagle for one human

to own another and even their mothers and kids in the U.S.A.?


Fifty years after signing the shining document, John Adams

and Thomas Jefferson, died on July 4, and slavery continued

for years, before death came knocking and was shocking as

Americans, North and South fought one another for all men to be free.

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Feature Article: Top 10 Mistakes Every Author Should Avoid
As any author discovers, there’s plenty of free advice out there for what they should – and shouldn’t do – when publishing a book. If I had to create a Top 10 list of mistakes authors should avoid at all costs, I’d focus on the following topics, because these omissions can really set you and your book back:

1. Not Understanding the Publishing Industry: Writing a book does not guarantee you readers. Before you publish, do some research – who are your competitors? What do they publish? How is your genre faring in the industry right now? Knowing your market is vital to finding and connecting with readers, receiving book reviews, and getting book sales.

2. Not Realizing Book Covers are Key: Readers and book buyers spend only seconds looking at book covers, and many of them now view thumbnail-size images online. Investing in a professionally designed cover by someone who understands book design and the publishing industry is a smart move. If you can’t capture people’s attention with a strong cover, you’ve likely lost a prospective reader and buyer. You’ve put a lot of work into writing your book; apply the same philosophy to your book cover.

3. Not Knowing That Editing is Your Best Marketing Tool: There are at least 300,000 books published each year, according to Bowker. With all that competition, you want your book to be the best you can make it. A poorly edited book will not gain you readers, reviewers, or fans. If your book is your resume, what kind of message are you sending if your book is full of errors? This is the most common complaint about self-published books: lack of quality control, aka, editing.

4. Not Getting Good Advice: Sure, your mom and your friends support what you do wholeheartedly – but what do they know about publishing and promoting a book? There are so many reputable, free resources available to authors for every phase of their publishing journey – from blogs to social media groups to online forums and more. Take advantage of these resources, ask questions, learn from others, and share your insights.

5. Not Working Your Market: One great thing about social media is it really does let you find people who read books in your genre. And you can cultivate these readers in a number of ways beyond buying, reading, and reviewing your book. Why not seek beta readers from your market before you publish? Many authors have successfully built a stable of pre-publication beta readers who offer their insights. Beta readers are not editors – while they may find a grammatical error or typo, what they really do is help an author understand if the story works, if it’s authentic.

6. Forgetting That It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: If you’re going to publish a book, you have to be in it for the long haul. Those “overnight” success stories are never true. By the time you’ve heard of the author they’ve already put in years working on their writing, getting published, and building a following. Approach your marketing with the long-term in mind.

7. Not Knowing That Timing Matters: This is where a writing, publishing, and marketing plan comes in handy. If you want reviews, you need to build that into your publication schedule because if you seek major review sites or publications, they’ll want a copy of your book at least two to three months before it’s published. If you want a distributor for your book, it’s going to take some time for them to get your book placed. Work out these dates in a flexible plan (to cover for anything that will go awry, this does happen) for publishing your book.

8. Overlooking the Importance of Your Website: Your website is your 24/7 sales hub, and unless you know how to convert web visitors into buyers, you should find a professional to design your site. DIY websites rarely sell books, nor do they help an author’s ranking in Google search. These things matter, and that’s why having your friend’s teenage son design your site is probably not a good idea – unless he knows all about web conversion and SEO.

9. Not Building Relationships: Are you getting book reviews, interviews, or other coverage? If so, be sure to thank them for taking the time to review your book or interview you. These not-so-little things do matter in the long haul. These are people you can approach for your second, third, and subsequent books – and your requests will be successful if you’ve taken the time to build relationships. I can’t believe how rarely authors take the time to say thank you, when that little step can go a long way toward developing a following.

10. Not Trusting Your Team: If you’re hiring people to help you publish and/or market your book, trust their advice. You chose them for a reason (I hope), so take advantage of their expertise. Look for someone with a good track record in the industry who understands the market. Then let them do what you’ve hired them to do – otherwise, what’s the point?

Publishing and promoting a book is a huge challenge, and authors often feel overwhelmed by a myriad of choices. But focusing on a few key areas can be the difference between a book that finds traction versus one that gets lost in the crowd. In the end, it’s worth the time to invest in your book, your team, and your promotion.

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Big Changes for Amazon Categories
Sometimes Amazon is a bit of a moving target, which does keep a person trying to track their changes very much on their toes. Learn how Amazon has changed categories, and what you should do to ensure your book is listed properly:

1,001 Tips for Writers – Traditional Publishing

There is one source that continues to be extremely valuable (and which I used to generate interest from several literary agents): Jeff Herman’s Writer’s Guide to Book Editors, Publishers and Literary Agents.
SHERRY KAHN, MPH, author, Surviving the U. S. Health System, April 2013

William A. Gordon is the author and/or editor of five books, including the acclaimed Four Dead in Ohio: Was There a Conspiracy at Kent State?, the perennial The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book and Shot on This Site, a guide to TV and movie locations throughout the United States. His website is 

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Building Your Website: Why You Need a Site
When it comes to websites, some people still wonder if they even need one. I mean, you have a Facebook account, right? Who needs a website? It’s just another thing to manage.

I like to compare having a website to having a fax machine. These days most of us don’t give a fax machine (or a document scanner) a second thought. Years ago, everyone in business had a fax machine and some people just owned them for personal use. But when fax machines first came out, I remember wondering, “Who in the world would use a fax machine?” Well, as it turns out, everybody. Fax machines became a sign of credibility. Now the website has been added to the list of credible things you can do to build your own selling empire, and for a variety of reasons you shouldn’t use your social media page as your website. Here are few more reasons why you should have a website:

  • Have a 24/7 sales tool.
  • Create a network of supporters, fans, readers.
  • Promote your events/products/ideas.
  • Make yourself available to the media.
  • Social media sites like Facebook change constantly, and since we can’t control the changes or what will be popular among your fan base, your website is your homebase—you control it, and ultimately sites like Facebook will drive traffic back to your site.

There are businesses that can get by without a website, though candidly there aren’t many of those. Before you decide, I recommend that you conduct some online research first. Figure out who your competition is in your market. Find out who’s doing what, who’s selling what and what their websites consist of. This research will not only help you get to know the competitive market, it will also help you determine what you like and don’t like about other websites that are selling or promoting the same product or service.

In the rapidly changing world of Internet marketing, Red Hot Internet Publicity by Penny Sansevieri is up-to-the-minute. This book covers social media in detail–not just Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but also recent powerhouse sites like Pinterest and Google Plus–there’s even a chapter on the reputation-rating site Klout. Learn more at

How to Secure Powerful Book Endorsements

“Blurbs, Endorsements, and Testimonials: How to Get Experts, Authorities, Celebrities, and Others to Endorse Your Book” provides detailed, step-by-step instructions that guide authors through the entire solicitation process, from identifying potential endorsers to securing and using the testimonials in the most influential ways possible.

The complete program is $29. For more information, visit

AME in the News
* Book World Marketing ran Penny’s article: “9 Ways to be a Social Media Star and Still Write Your Book:”

* Keep up with Penny’s latest articles for Huffington Post:

4 Ways to Rock Goodreads’ New ‘Ask The Author’ Feature
Have you checked out this author tool? It can be a great way to connect with readers:

Editorial Tid Bytes
Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry-even if an agent is the last one on the planet or the only one willing to represent your book, better to publish it yourself then work with someone who instinct says is not a good choice for you. I have witnessed writers traumatized by their agents or publishers. One or two never wrote again.

Sandi Gelles-Cole is the founder of Gelles-Cole Literary Enterprises, an editorial consultancy in business since 1983.  She is also a member of The Consulting Editors Alliance

Submissions Accepted: USA Regional Excellence Book Awards
USA Regional Excellence Book Awards recognizes and rewards excellence in books that take readers into the heart of a “place.” If your book delivers the experience of a locale – whether it’s the glitz of Hollywood of any era, the historic sense of New England, the glamour of a Beverly Hills, the grandeur of one of the great plains states, the high powered bustle of a New York City, the distinctive character of any locale — and your book is produced with excellence, then it is a perfect candidate for a USA REBA award. Submissions accepted through Sept. 15, 2014.

Quick Tips for Creating Killer Book Promo Copy
Make Your Sales Content “At-a-glance Friendly”

To draw readers into your book’s marketing copy, it has to look quick and easy to read. This is vital with sales sheets, back covers and web pages. To make your promo copy inviting to the eye, employ a liberal use of headlines, subheads, very brief paragraphs, action-oriented bullet points and call-to-action lines.

Casey Demchak is an award-winning Copywriter & Consultant who writes marketing materials that sell books. Learn more about him at; or give him a call at (303) 697.4793.

13 Blog Post Blunders You Should Avoid (And What to Do Instead)
Discover how you can make your blog one of the success stories – starting with giving your blog focus:

How You Can Get a Custom Book Trailer
In today’s multimedia world it’s not enough to write your book then Twitter your friends. You need a media plan. An essential part of that plan is to visually represent your book with an exciting trailer.

That is Turn Page Media’s expertise; setting mood and telling the visceral emotion of your story. Book trailers give your writing an advantage in a competitive and crowded marketplace; let us help you get that edge.

For more information, visit 

Quiz – Do You Know Which Social Site is Right for You?

We know we need to be social, but now it’s important to be on the right social media sites because it’s not about being everywhere, it’s about being everywhere that matters:

Social Media Snippet: 5 Twitter Tools to Increase Your Blog Retweets

There are some terrific plugins that are easy to install and give your followers a simple way to share your posts:


Social Media Snippet: 3 Hot Social PR Trends and How to Use Them

Learn how to leverage the connection between social media and PR:

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