Atheist   Meetup with non believers for a hike if you like, to see all the sights God didn’t create. There’s no reason for the seasons, the breezes, the mountains, trees, flowers or shrubbery to exist.   It all just … Continue reading “Atheist”

How Books Are Sold in China

Calvin Chik Cheng Wei, I’m a work-in-progress  Book Sales in China In the land where copyright is treated as a suggestion? Books are sold in a novel manner (Pun fully intended). ( You enter a bookstore. At first sight, everything seems … Continue reading “How Books Are Sold in China”


Raindrops fall like tears from the garage door above my wet paintings, changing what I created. Raindrops are sometimes soft and sweet, but today they fall like acid on Venus, and eat through my designs..   Has fate played a hand … Continue reading “Raindrops”


Hiking   It’s claimed by those who know, and aren’t ashamed to say,” A hike a  day will delay the aging of your veins. Your gains will help your brain and keep the doctor away.   Why aren’t the hiking … Continue reading “Hiking”

Poem of the day

Doctor, Doctor, I’m in pain, and you’re the man, so can you give poor me a pill or a cure.   He grotesquely looks up from his desk. Sorrow underneath his eyes contorts his face. I ask,   “How are … Continue reading “Poem of the day”


It’s All His Fault because he’s  black. That’s the name of the game being played by patriots who believe he’s against Americans and lies through his perfect white teeth.   Make a movie. Make a documentary. Skew all the facts … Continue reading “Movie!”

4th of July, poem and video

Independence Day   In 1776, men in attendance declared independence, and if you were white that night, it was alright, but those with colored skin, it was ordained, lost more than they gained.   Great Britain abolished slavery in 1772, … Continue reading “4th of July, poem and video”

A newsletter all about SUCCESSFUL publishing and POWERFUL promotion. July 3, 2014 Issue #328

in this issue — Note From The Editor — Contact us for a Free Marketing Consultation! — FREE Checklists, Worksheets and Guidelines for Planning a Book Launch — How Red Hot Internet Publicity Can Help You — Feature Article: Top 10 … Continue reading “A newsletter all about SUCCESSFUL publishing and POWERFUL promotion. July 3, 2014 Issue #328”