Monthly archives: July, 2014

Why I close my eyes as you speak.  

Iron King Trail in Prescott Valley AZ.

Too hot to jog, so I walked 8 miles on the Iron King trail. I still got beat by the heat and had to nap after the hike.  

Jaded Ibis Productions

I believe I’m very fortunate to have Jaded Ibis Productions publish my memoir in the fall of 2015. I’m posting this so my artist friends can see why I’m happy. I imagine they too will be submitting writing, music, and art to Jaded Ibis.  

Prohibition to be repealed a 2nd time.  

Red Mountain

Red Mountain, Arizona.   Prehistoric rocks are spread around and appear to have been carved by a giant hand in this land where they’ve been docilely lying and sighing unheard for a million years or more.   That’s a bit longer than I’ve been around. If it’s true what my atheist friends say. I think…

Sunday July 27 hike “Red Mountain”


Sunday’s Slate Mountain hike July 27,


Sandy Canyon hike Sat July 26



Why-do I continue to run when it hurts my knees, my back, and makes me so tired I sleep the day away.   Is it because I want to stay away from the grave. I sometimes think I’m 20 until I look into the mirror and see the wrinkled face in that space.   To…

Indian Ruins

Composed from a story written by Deborah Hailing called “Hiking Sycamore Canyon.” **************************************************************************************************************   Indian Ruins Sycamore Canyon holds mysterious history in old Indian ruins where ancient hand prints adorn sculpted walls and heavy wooden beams support 800 year old ceilings.   Indian spirits dance around in indigo and brown, letting me know they’re happy…