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Why I close my eyes as you speak.

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Iron King Trail in Prescott Valley AZ.

IMAG0633Too hot to jog, so I walked 8 miles on the Iron King trail. I still got beat by the heat and had to nap after the hike.IMAG0624 IMAG0625 IMAG0626 IMAG0627 IMAG0628 IMAG0629 IMAG0630 IMAG0631 IMAG0632

Jaded Ibis Productions

I believe I’m very fortunate to have Jaded Ibis Productions publish my memoir in the fall of 2015. I’m posting this so my artist friends can see why I’m happy. I imagine they too will be submitting writing, music, and art to Jaded Ibis.

Prohibition to be repealed a 2nd time.

Red Mountain

Red Mountain, Arizona.


Prehistoric rocks are spread around and appear to have been

carved by a giant hand in this land where they’ve been docilely

lying and sighing unheard for a million years or more.


That’s a bit longer than I’ve been around. If it’s true what

my atheist friends say. I think as I gaze at volcanic

rocks, beguiled by their seemingly immortality.


I have my own beliefs and they tell me it could have been my

hand that carved these rocks, or perhaps that as magna I too

got  blown from a volcano in a previous time.


I didn’t have to be alive because it’s hard for me to believe

that we’re not all part of the universe dead or alive. There may

be no God or superior being, but there’s something out there


that diligently works to see that every part functions as designed.

No Earthling will ever know why, or how it came to be as it is, but

it’s obviously working and we’ll never know why,


If it weren’t, could anything on any list exist for a length of time

without exploding, crashing, disintegrating or ceasing to exist?

Why is that I have to ask?


No one here has an answer to that, but somewhere out there

it’s taught in grammar school, but not here where we’re told, “Beware,

everything was created by a guy in the sky who’ll send  you to hell.”


I don’t believe there’s a God who cares for us more than anything

that exists. So it has come to this, I believe there’s a reason for everything,

and unlike others I know who have an answer, I say, “I just don’t know.”

Sunday July 27 hike “Red Mountain”

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Sunday’s Slate Mountain hike July 27,

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Sandy Canyon hike Sat July 26

IMAG0621IMAG0616IMAG0604IMAG0592IMAG0589 IMAG0588 IMAG0587IMAG0569 IMAG0574 IMAG0573 IMAG0572 IMAG0571 IMAG0570


Why-do I continue to run when

it hurts my knees, my back, and

makes me so tired I sleep the day away.


Is it because I want to stay away from the grave.

I sometimes think I’m 20 until I look into the mirror

and see the wrinkled face in that space.


To cruelly convince me my years are limited,

my body complains that not much time remains

and my muscles atrophied years ago.


When I sleep, pain prevails and causes

me to moan or groan during the night

to let me know, I’m over the proverbial hill.


If I want to live until I become a centurion,

I can’t quit and so must pay the price and

suffer through my labor and leisure too.


During my suffering, I wonder if it’s worth

the pain to live beyond the actuarial

averages that say I’ll die with a smile at 88.


But I plan on celebrating 100 years here before

I let go. I want to be here to see my kids collect

their retirement checks..


When they do, I’ll know it’s true, time for me to go,

has come, because I know they passed the exam

and Uncle Sam will support them for the rest of their years.

Indian Ruins

Composed from a story written by Deborah Hailing called “Hiking Sycamore Canyon.”



Indian Ruins

Sycamore Canyon holds mysterious history

in old Indian ruins where ancient hand prints

adorn sculpted walls and heavy wooden

beams support 800 year old ceilings.


Indian spirits dance around in indigo and brown, letting

me know they’re happy I’ve come to visit, but they’ll

start a war dance should I harm or remove any

remains they inhabit, for it’s all they have left.


The beautiful land their village stands on is owned

by the U.S. and not one dollar was ever paid for it.

Overwhelming numbers came in the name of gold

or land, covering themselves in shame for killing


those, whose spirits guard the ruins of once happy villages

destroyed by greedy illegal immigrants who took what

they wanted and eliminated all in their way, including

animals, buildings, plants and Indians.


The invaders believed the Earth belonged to them

because they had the power to make ceded what they

needed, or wanted. They weren’t aware that  everything

in our world is related and all belonged to the Earth,


The invaders didn’t understand it wasn’t them who weaved

the web of life. They were but strands of the web blowing in

the winds of time. What harm they did to the web, they did to

themselves and as a result, their spirits are forever gone,


but those of their victims remain.