Monthly archives: May, 2014

Nip and Tuck –

Josephine, Josephine, I say over and over again. What a beautiful name for a woman like me. No more ugly duckling like I used to be. Soon after I was born under a bad sign, in 1978, my parents and siblings knew I was different and treated me like an outsider. My life was a…


I’m the first man ever to land on this beautiful azure blue world that’s almost four times as large as Earth. The bright yellow oceans are hard as steel. I look up to see 13 brilliantly shining moons illuminating the thick atmospheric sky where floating clouds of ammonia, methane, water ice, and pressures millions of…

Blind Artistic Endeavors

Blinding light spawns liquefied steel, like a volcano sending its molten core across the metal in front of my face. My eyes are covered with darkened glass I only see flashes of burning white light that I have to judge by touch where to point and what to melt. My fingertips guide the flame while…

Denver’s History and Science Museum


Joe DiBuduo & Grandson Joe rafting Clear Creek in CO.


A Doggy Kiss

The sun hid, the wind blew, and my feet complained when I explained I had to pad them for being bad by putting on my running shoes. My first uncertain step sent fire shooting up my legs and my feet were mashed like the yolks of a dozen eggs under 200 pounds of pounding weight….

Flamingo dancing to Vivaldi


Watch Nokuthula Ngwenyama play a real Stradivarious Violin.  

Colors We Love & Hate

A tree as twisted as an electrified snake, grew from green slime coated water, displaying glowing red and orange flowers, emitting wave lengths with enough strength to vibrate throughout my brain, compelling me to get close to the incomparable colors that only a true artist could have created. I prayed that I’d be brave enough…


Watch out Kids!   Joe DiBuduo has been awarded a certificate for completing a course on writing children’s stories. What monsters will come from his fertile imagination?