Monthly archives: April, 2014

The changing face of media.  

Orders From Above

I did what I did because I was ordered to, said the Spanish in Cuba, said the Americans in the Philippines, said the English in Africa.   Nazi’s in Germany learned from them, and natives in Bosnia and Rwanda thought to kill like they did was okay because the orders came from above.    …

#Is it all a dream?

“He’ll be sorry he’s so disrespectful by not showing any fear when I came near.   Shoot him in the head until he’s dead,” Gary said.   I pulled the trigger and one .44 slug left my gun in flames with murder as its intent.   Why’d I do that I asked myself as I…


Video on hashtags.  

You don’t Care

    You don’t Care   I don’t have any pride, it died when I pawned my god damn ring. You tell me that ain’t right and I almost faint when you say, I’m not your friend and can’t even spend the night.   Baby, I say absurd things, like, you know what suffering’s like…