Monthly archives: March, 2014

New 3_D Art

working on this 4 x 8 foot space painting.  My next 4 x 8 will be more artistic, I hope.  

What goes on in the mind is unknown

For people like me and you, visual imagery can change our worlds. Meditation relieves stress and silences the chattering in our brains, by emptying the remains of harmful thoughts.   Our subconscious removes barriers and the truth is, we experience self-hypnosis when zoning out by altering our brain wave states through hypnosis and meditation that…

Flash Fiction I wrote today. UFO Convention.

  At a UFO convention in Las Vegas I couldn’t take my eyes of a rail thin girl with multi colored hair  wearing a skin tight Star Trek uniform that outlined her curves as Jeri Ryan’s costume in Voyager did hers. The girl I eyeballed was smoking hot too, as my friends used to say…


Art   Never seen before in the stormy clusters of the light of day, my paintings mirror the dark of night and never show any snowy white light in my world where dark generates passion   and fear. My wife opened the door and saw there was no light and only night. “Stop painting and…

This is a great business model and I’ll be a Tom’s Coffee drinker as soon as one opens nearby.  

Refurbishing an old steamer trunk.

              I had planned on using hand painted canvas pictures to cover the flat areas of this trunk, but changed my mind to faux finish it instead.I don’t really have a plan, just keep on working on it, but it is starting to shape up. I plan on using…

Poem from my trip yesterday

Going Down the Wrong Road   “Make a left instead of a right,’ I said in the dawn’s early light to my chagrin, because left was wrong and right was right.   “The moon’s up above, so it must be ahead,” I said, “I’ve got a feeling in my gut making me wonder and wanting…

Hike to Beaver Creek.  

Look Within!

  My Dad had a bad day and died. He believed in God, so I prayed because he obeyed his faith that he’d find his reward in heaven, if there was such a place.   He got no compensation nor answers for his prayers or good deeds since birth, while serving his time on Earth….

Honk for Peace. Prescott AZ March 7, 2014