See Open your eyes to see the silence surrounding my old blue jeans. See the words pouring from my mouth and hear the colors I’m applying on our walls that scream in protest because they don’t like the sound of … Continue reading “SEE”

Star Gazing

Star gazing   10,000 stars on display during the night wave at me with blinking lights as the burning orbs travel through heavens beginning and end.   They probably think I’m dumb because they know when I look at them … Continue reading “Star Gazing”

Down with GMOs  


Oxytocin   Many days have come and gone when I didn’t want to see the dawn. I wanted to die because my life was bad and so sad since I was a lad.   Death seemed like a relief before … Continue reading “Poetry”

Oxytocin, a miracle hormone.

Amazingly, oxytocin can also be used to heal wounds (through its anti-inflammatory properties). Studies have also shown that a rise in oxytocin levels can relieve pain — everything from headaches, cramps and overall body aches. Now, that being said, the trick is to get … Continue reading “Oxytocin, a miracle hormone.”


Wordless   I’m at a loss for words. Beautiful, rhyming, ugly or otherwise. What secrets can I tell or even hum when not one will come?   Maybe I can cry or moan from being all alone, because I lost … Continue reading “Wordless”


The Matausas tribe in Papua New Guinea practices a cleansing rite of passage meant to rid boys’ bodies of the female influences left by their mother. Regardless of pain, boys go through the initiation to become warriors and cleanse themselves of any … Continue reading “Imagine!”

UFO Convention

UFO Convention At a UFO convention in Las Vegas I couldn’t take my eyes of a rail thin girl with multi colored hair  wearing a skin tight Star Trek uniform that outlined her curves as Jeri Ryan’s costume in Voyager … Continue reading “UFO Convention”

Poem of the day

LSD Even though it’s against the law, and the church says it’s wrong, I’m not in awe as I stuff the gun barrel into my mouth knowing it’ll end this dreary life.   I’m brave because I know my soul … Continue reading “Poem of the day”