Eternal Sleep.

  Eternal Sleep.   I had a dream last night where I was supreme and had so much money and fame that everybody knew my name.   When awake, nobody knew any of my prose or me, but everybody knew … Continue reading “Eternal Sleep.”

A Story

Sent off a novel today to be dissected as though the words I used were resurrected from the graveyard where unused words are sent when they’re no longer of any use.   Like my manuscript, editors scrutinize my words about … Continue reading “A Story”

Risky Behavior

If you’re a cheese or a wine It’s okay to age, but humans don’t want to be told that they’re old, so be bold, try something new.   Now that you’ve reached retirement age, feel free go on zip lines, … Continue reading “Risky Behavior”

Writing, a beautiful curse.

  F. Scott Fitzgerald almost got it right.  He wrote, “Writers aren’t people exactly.”  He was just one word off.  He should have said, “Writers aren’t normal people exactly.” When I worked at CNN, a new manager breezed through the newsroom one … Continue reading “Writing, a beautiful curse.”

Staying Alive

Craving to die since I became alive. Pain, hunger, and discomfort steadily haunt me. The future seems to hold no relief and is bleak every week.   I have dreams of a long painless sleep that after I die will … Continue reading “Staying Alive”

I wrote this poem remembering how I treated my brother.

  I can remember   The look on his face when searing words passed through my lips hurting him simply for not knowing where we were going.   If only I’d have known that the Grim Reaper was stalking him, … Continue reading “I wrote this poem remembering how I treated my brother.”

A one of a kind artist! Fascinating!

  I went to see 5 Oscar nominated short film last night and 4 of them had depressing subjet matter, but the 5th was an eye opener for me. Ra Paulette is an individual who digs caves out of mountains … Continue reading “A one of a kind artist! Fascinating!”