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Sea lions revenge  

Excerpt from the Novel I’m working on, “There Won’t Be A Racist Alive when We’re Finished

“As you know, normally during flu season, it’s the elderly, children and those with suppressed immune systems who are the first to contract influenza. This disease doesn’t discriminate by age. It’s infecting males of all ages. I want to show you something.” Dr Livinsky set his clipboard down, carefully put his hand on the patient’s…

Great pictures as history  

Rocky road – poem


U.S. export to China  

Are the dead protected from defamation by the law?

  Writers I know are often afraid to say anything derogatory about a deceased person, but I believe that as long as it’s not defamatory to a living person, the writer can’t be sued for libel.  

The geek who arrived at my house wasn’t geeky looking at all.

This is an excerpt from a novel I’m writing. It’s beyond magical realism; perhaps this piece could be called a fantasy, or a dreamscape. *** I called the Geek Squad because I needed help with my computer. The geek who arrived at my house wasn’t geeky looking at all. She wore skin-tight leather pants and…

Good things can come from dreams.

Great idea from a dream.  

These facts prove my fiction stories aren’t as far out as some people believe.  

Correction to Swinton article posted earlier.