My first attempt at wood carving. I’m hoping they get better as i learn how.  

The Last Goodbye

The Last Goodbye   The blues were playing over and over in my head. I went into the Beehive Bar and ordered a double shot of Jack Daniels from Red. “Did somebody die, Joe?” red asked, “You look so sad, … Continue reading “The Last Goodbye”

Robot or Is It Robota

Robot or Is It Robota   “Transsexual robots are here to stay, so get one on sale today. No matter if you’re straight or gay, Robert or Roberta will fulfill your needs and fantasies,” repeated over and over from the … Continue reading “Robot or Is It Robota”


Chicago   Joe looked through the picture window at The End of the bar and saw the misty and dark sky. “Look at it,” he shouted. “It shrouds the city for days at a time.” “Think warm,” Kathy said, “Picture … Continue reading “Chicago”

What would the world be like if Humans were like this?


Favorite Books, state by stae



    Alone       Joe had stopped in a second hand store in Placerville California to buy some cookware for his camping trip on Mount Konocti, located on the south shore of Clearlake, California. Old volcanic domes and … Continue reading “Alone”


My friend Sue, who is also a writer, had her organization design  this gear shift lever in response to an outcry from her partners around the world who are struggling to repair donated bikes that need shifters. Read all about it … Continue reading “Help?”

God, Are You There?

God, Are You There?   She got a degree in theology and could now speak directly to God she claimed and wasn’t ashamed.   “I don’t believe in him, because I know not why we exist and why all things … Continue reading “God, Are You There?”

What The Future . . .

I may be only one in a million affected like this, but perhaps like the canary in the coalmine, I’ll be the first to let you know that the deteriorating Earth atmosphere needs an immediate fix, because it’s back again, … Continue reading “What The Future . . .”