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Stronger than steel, lighter than a feather

in any kind of weather, material made from a

single carbon atom impacts the human race

here and in outer space.


Graphene spawns a revolution and causes a wireless

dissolution. We’ll soon stand on top of a hill and we

won’t believe our eyes when we launch satellites as

big as the Sphinx and they weigh less than a

barbecue grill.


In a certain setting, without getting you sick or

harming healthy cells, for all your wealth, doctors

will use high doses of graphene to kill cancer cells,

make synthetic blood for the strong and athletic,


combat Alzheimer’s with graphene electrodes in our brains.

Graphene will grow disease-free human hearts, that’ll last

for a hundred years unless you slip and blunder so you’ll

wonder when flesh and spirit too will be constructed from


3-d art

Finally got to do a couple of  3-D paintings. I hope my future paintings will be much more interesting, but it takes practice. Chroma vision glasses make the colors pop off of the canvas.IMAG0734 IMAG0733

A Solitary Life

A Solitary Life


I sought seclusion and

came to the conclusion

that life was an illusion,

but that was a delusion,

a misconception


depriving me of contact with

anything alive. I found it

hard to survive never hearing

a voice or seeing another,

not even my mother.


Insanity was an easy choice,

but even with disordered reasoning

I didn’t talk to myself, but while

hallucinating I did speak to the

people I met inhabiting my solitary life


and always told them farewell if they

weren’t wearing a belt that death knew

so well when a hopeless man wore it

around his neck when trying to escape

what he had shaped into a solitary life.

Expanding Horizons

Expanding Horizons


As I age, my mind opens wide

and my heart softens so much

that I can no longer bear to see,

hear, or read on a page what

takes place around the world.


I can no longer squash a bug

or even spray to keep them

away. Am I a traitor to my

race by believing insects have

as much right to live as we?


When I think of a cow’s

round brown eyes looking at

me without an evil thought, to

eat a pieceof  her meat in my

aged mind is an unforgivable sin.


If she only knew someone like

me would cut her throat and

butcher her and her babies for

meat to eat, the look in her

eyes would surely change.


I begin to think that anything

alive should be allowed to live

out its life without interference

from the likes of me; and now when

I even pull a weed, I tell it, “I’m sorry.”


Is it right for so many lives to be taken

so I can survive? If I were to design a

world of my own, there would be no

need to kill and eat other living things.




She joined the gym, got a trainer

who had her run on a treadmill,

swim laps, and her target weight

still eludes her.


Staff members in khakis and polo

shirts lead gym members through

exercises and reward them with

yogurt vegetable parfaits.


Lolita is optimistic, smiles gamely

during her workouts while snacking

on carrots.

If only her legs weren’t so short.


More than half of these Americans

are overweight. Diet without exercise

isn’t enough. So they have been hitting

the gyms and spas around the country.


Eating yogurt vegetable parfaits to help

solve the problem. Ms. Walsh offers

one-on-one, 24-hour care and training

for Lolita at only $1,250 a month.


Lolita is putting on extra pounds

because a dachshund is a breed

prone to getting overweight.












When in a yellow field, your talent is revealed

you wonder how the rich would feel to

be able to create the things you do.


In your prevailing mood, anything you make is great,

no matter if you think it’s just a piece of freight,

as long as you use what’s been given to you,


you’re on track to live an artist’s life full of remorse

and sometimes rewards for what you’ve done.

Talent doesn’t feed or clothe you, unless you sell out,


and do what’s required even when you’re tired. To receive your

reward for doing what comes natural to people who’re given the

gift and use it in trade instead of giving it away at the closing of the day.

Ten Ways to Use Audio to Sell More Books

Penny C. Sansevieri

Author and CEO, Marketing Experts, Inc.

Ten Ways to Use Audio to Sell
               More Books
Posted: 09/23/2013 10:11 am

We all know that audio can be a powerful way to engage your audience, but can it really help you make a book sale? You bet it can. Though with all the focus on eBooks is there any room for audio-anything? Yes, and in fact in February of this year the Audio Publishers Association announced that audio books were a $1 billion dollar industry – and growing. Don’t overlook audio. Here are some ways you can use audio to help sell your book:

  1. Audio book samples: Do a reading from your book, maybe a chapter or two and load it onto your website (if you don’t think you’re a good reader, have someone else do it or hire some voice-over talent).
  2. Audio on your website: While I’m not in favor of having an audio file load when your website does, there’s some merit to having a short little audio (or video) “hello, welcome to my site message;” for an example of this, check out the Author Marketing Experts site at:’ll see our video on the home page).
  3. Daily/weekly Podcast: Podcasting is powerful, there’s no two ways about it and it’s here to stay. Creating your own podcast that you update daily or weekly is a great idea and a terrific way to draw some interest to your book. You can do this easily through BlogTalk radio or you can record it on your own and upload it to iTunes. Super easy. Don’t believe me? Check out this great article on podcasting:
  4. Teleclasses/webinars: I’ve personally done webinars and teleclasses for years and I love them. They’re not only a fantastic way to promote your message, but you’re also educating on your topic which is always a great idea. Remember: record every teleclass you do so you can use it as another sales item on your website.
  5. Audio series: Consider creating an audio series based on your book’s topic. Remember though, if you’re just rereading the content from your book then these cd’s aren’t necessarily an added value item but an audio book. Your audio cd needs to be different from your book in order to entice the reader to buy it in addition to the book. For example, if you finish your book and you say, “Gee, I wish I had included a chapter on XYZ,” now you can create that additional chapter (or chapters) in your audio series.
  6. Freebies: Offering any of your audio products as a freebie to add value to a sale is a great idea. Something I’ll do at the end of a speaking gig is offer a free download to anyone who buys a book after my session! I also capture their email by doing this so I can market to them again.
  7. Speak up! It’s not always about a recorded product or podcast, get out and talk about your topic in front of a crowd. Passion sells, and if you speak passionately about your topic, your audience will resonate with your message and (hopefully) book sales will follow. Not sure where to speak? There are tons of places you could start locally. Trade shows, rotary club meetings, networking events. Consider starting in your neighborhood and then when you’re ready, you can branch out.
  8. Book trailers: Well, maybe that’s cheating a little, technically it’s audio and video, but we’re still talking about hitting the same sensory targets. Book trailers are hot, if you don’t believe me just Google them and see what I mean. Getting your book into a visual medium can be powerful. They can also be pretty easy to do thanks to programs like iMovie for you Mac lovers and Microsoft Movie for the PC crowd. If you have an eye for this, you can do one yourself. Check out this video, which was made by the author:
  9. Radio is another powerful way to sell books. Keep in mind that one radio show often doesn’t sell books but doing many shows might. Also, if you’re going to do radio, get some media training so you’re spot-on in your presentation and can relay your most important points in succinct, bulleted, benefit-driven points. These will help engage the listeners and encourage them to buy. Not sure where to pitch yourself? Here’s a listing of radio shows around the country:
  10. And we just got done talking about podcasting, right? Why not pitch yourself there, too? There are tons of online shows looking for guests and often you can find even more niche topics so you can really target your shows and your readers! Here’s a directory to get you started:

Using audio to promote your book is a powerful way to gain additional reader attention. Not only that, but you never know who will respond better to audio than to a printed review, ad, or article. Putting the audio element into your sales arsenal can make for a powerful partnership, and the good news is that every day, audio and the creation of audio products becomes more accessible.

Doggie Discrimination

Doggie Discrimination


Make tracks back to your cage where

you’ll be marked on a page that counts

the days until you’ll be euthanized because

you’re black.


You’re never coming back. It’s not your fault.

We know if you had a choice you’d rejoice, but

your color dooms you to the room where death awaits.


Please don’t feel discriminated against. It happens

to black cats and humans too, and it isn’t because

they’re mean, it’s because they’re black or in between.


Shelters sometimes decorate black animals in gaudy,

colorful scarves to add some appealing colors to  create

loving feelings by masquerading that they have black fur.


Repulsion to black is often subconscious, but ingrained,

obtained at an early age, not only to creatures of other

colors, but ingrained in some who wear a black coat of their own .


It’s all because BLACK is seen as bad, dangerous, scary and ugly,

and makes living in this world  tougher for anyone or anything that’s



but Johnny cash wore that color on his white skin and was feared by no one.



Magically beautiful pictures of my kids
and their kids as babies fill my eyes
until they clash with the grown up
images existing in my mind.

Unrealistically, I wish they had escaped
time’s ravaging years and would all have
remained a little innocent child, so none
would have aged enough to become adult.

To see the boys grown with hairy
faces and muscles bigger than
mine shatters any thoughts that
they remain the babies I remember.

To see the girls with kids of their
own, and their kids now grown
into shapely women makes me
feel like I have

coffee grinds in my coffee,
gravel in my veins, and razor
blades cutting my heart when
one of those once little kids

shows that they inherited some
evil genes that family members,
now dead, have passed on down
to them.

Is It Cruel

Is It Cruel



Put people in jail?



Torture animals for food?



Kill anything we please?



Start a war because we know we’ll win?



Require an ugly face to stay out of sight?



Kill a helpless man with a needle and

claim it’s better than gas or the electric chair?



Convict a man of a crime because he tells the

public what the government doesn’t want them to know?



Not read A Penis Manologue after I worked so long

and hard to honestly write out my bigoted thoughts?