Graphene   Stronger than steel, lighter than a feather in any kind of weather, material made from a single carbon atom impacts the human race here and in outer space.   Graphene spawns a revolution and causes a wireless … Continue reading “Graphene”

3-d art

Finally got to do a couple of  3-D paintings. I hope my future paintings will be much more interesting, but it takes practice. Chroma vision glasses make the colors pop off of the canvas.  

A Solitary Life

A Solitary Life   I sought seclusion and came to the conclusion that life was an illusion, but that was a delusion, a misconception   depriving me of contact with anything alive. I found it hard to survive never hearing … Continue reading “A Solitary Life”

Expanding Horizons

Expanding Horizons   As I age, my mind opens wide and my heart softens so much that I can no longer bear to see, hear, or read on a page what takes place around the world.   I can no … Continue reading “Expanding Horizons”


Lolita   She joined the gym, got a trainer who had her run on a treadmill, swim laps, and her target weight still eludes her.   Staff members in khakis and polo shirts lead gym members through exercises and reward … Continue reading “Lolita”


Revealed   When in a yellow field, your talent is revealed you wonder how the rich would feel to be able to create the things you do.   In your prevailing mood, anything you make is great, no matter if … Continue reading “Revealed”

Ten Ways to Use Audio to Sell More Books

Penny C. Sansevieri Author and CEO, Marketing Experts, Inc.   Ten Ways to Use Audio to Sell                More Books Posted: 09/23/2013 10:11 am GET BOOKS NEWSLETTERS: SUBSCRIBE We all know that audio can … Continue reading “Ten Ways to Use Audio to Sell More Books”

Doggie Discrimination

Doggie Discrimination   Make tracks back to your cage where you’ll be marked on a page that counts the days until you’ll be euthanized because you’re black.   You’re never coming back. It’s not your fault. We know if you … Continue reading “Doggie Discrimination”


Genetics Magically beautiful pictures of my kids and their kids as babies fill my eyes until they clash with the grown up images existing in my mind. Unrealistically, I wish they had escaped time’s ravaging years and would all have … Continue reading “Genetics”

Is It Cruel

Is It Cruel   To Put people in jail?   To Torture animals for food?   To Kill anything we please?   To Start a war because we know we’ll win?   To Require an ugly face to stay out … Continue reading “Is It Cruel”