Running Around

  Running Around       It’s not a sin to be broken hearted   because the one I put my trust in ran   around with a friend of mine.       I swear, every word I say … Continue reading “Running Around”

What Easterners need to know about Arizona.

To stay save, watch this short video.  


Art   Why in my heart do I love junk like I do? Sometimes I just don’t know why when I see an empty can or a rusted nail, I can’t let it perish and instead of sending it to … Continue reading “ART”


Earth-Angel   She’s no fool, but even if brought to her knees, a pediatric nurse is what she wants to be.   On her interview she was gravely told, “You’ll sometimes have to assist when babies are born and you’ll … Continue reading “Earth-angel”


Contracts   I spend my time writing poems and stories for people to read. When I finish composing, it’s my job to go to facebook, twitter, and plenty of other sites to announce to the world that what I’ve written is … Continue reading “Contracts”

A Better Place

  A Better Place   Tell me how my brother who death knows so well, came to visit me and covered me with shame, when in a dream last week, he told me that I reek.   Him looking the … Continue reading “A Better Place”

Creative Non-Fiction

Creative Non-Fiction   Sitting round the table gets complicated, but it’s overrated and can be debated. I miss back before I repeated every word I heard.   Creative non-fiction I say, but lie and write something bright or snowy white, … Continue reading “Creative Non-Fiction”

Strange Fetishes

Strange Fetishes All I do is hang my head and cry because of a foolish desire to put out my fire. Choosing to do that made me lose the only one who loved me half as much as I loved … Continue reading “Strange Fetishes”


Big Mouth Once again I’ve said words I regret and yet when my mouth works faster than my brain it’s plain they’re sub-par, but only my mouth speaks the Devil’s words to entangle me in angles that become situations I … Continue reading “(Untitled)”