She I don’t care if tomorrow never comes. I’ve been lonely night and day since she ran away. My world ended the day she left me for another. I think of days that used to be when she’d sleep with … Continue reading “SHE”


Heartless   There are people like me who dare to become attached to and sometimes choose to speak to plants and trees that are as lonely as me.   Trees live for years and years I believed and had no … Continue reading “Heartless”


Collaboration   With a smile, I’ll write what I have to say about the left and right, maybe even the purple night, so she can preview my loving words.   She can change the color of the night or left … Continue reading “Collaboration”

My Imagination

My Imagination   I can’t shut the door in my mind, I can’t kick my habit, so I’m at it again, packing all my creative tools to build a woman, that will never fear, out of steel and cement to make … Continue reading “My Imagination”

Souls For Sale

Souls For Sale   I started to believe, until there was more wind on the hill and congress made a list of 17 scientists to investigate for falsely claiming the temperature rise was calamitous.   I numbed myself it seems, … Continue reading “Souls For Sale”

A Recorded Call

A Recorded Call   There are calls for free and fair elections, and active participation by the people as we used to agree in our long hushed phone calls.   We promised protection of human rights of all citizens, even those sub-human who … Continue reading “A Recorded Call”

The End of the Road

The End of the Road.   I’m trudging down that long, long road I have to follow before I appear at the place where death waits for me.   I’m gonna miss being alive after I die. When I arrive … Continue reading “The End of the Road”


Cowboys tell rhythmic tales and try to make me laugh with their talk about how they’re tough as nails.   They often tell of their love for fast horses, cows, steers and most of all, the beans they ate for … Continue reading “Cowboys”