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An excerpt from “The Penis Manologue.”

Men and Guns –

What is it about men and guns? Is a gun like a penis extender that makes us feel all manly about being able to blow someone’s brains out from 50 yards away? Is that manly? Talking about an extender reminds me of condoms, and the most effective condom ad I ever saw was pictures of fruit with warts all over from not using protection. Natural, robust, assertive masculinity in our society is defined by some as a disease that must be cured. Being a man used to be so simple. Young males had role models and knew exactly how to talk and act like a man. Today all I ever hear is that men need to become more sensitive. Supposedly, we should be as talkative as women and get in touch with our banal feelings.

I see white, upper-middle-class mothers cling to their whiny sons. The result of this stalls the evolution of masculine identity, which requires boys to leave the maternal nest. Is it any wonder that in the U.S., white male children learn to use guns before they learn to use their penises, while Hispanic and black male children learn to use their penises before they learn to use guns? Don’t believe me? Look at the birth rates and see who’s using their Hockey Sticks.

Males need to start a penis revolution—burn our jock straps and jockey shorts as the women burned bras in the 70s. Let penises all hang freely in their natural state. No more penis suppression or imprisonments—give them freedom or they’ll all be deflated.

It’s been proven throughout history that penises are irreplaceable, so maybe they could go on strike, and demand support. Although some may not need support, many do, especially the older ones. Penises need to stand together to demonstrate penis power and demand women support them when requested.

A Penis Manologue

I’m revising this book and will seek a traditional publisher for it. I’ve been told that it’s a book every woman and most men should

Almost finished

The concrete’s weight is bringing the arms down.

A new type of totem pole

A new type of totem pole


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Coming along

First coat of cement

First coat of cement



IMAG0699 IMAG0700

What am I creating?????

IMAG0698 IMAG0695 IMAG0696 IMAG0697

My new sculpture

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Poets use rhyme and rhythm

alliteration and assonance


to spout their evocative terms to

attain a disturbing impact on

those willing to listen.


To create these effects they also

exploit the meanings of words with

the way they speak their terms.


Other skills they use is to act upon the

stage as though what they espouse will

change the world, or at least opinions.


Language spilling from the poet’s mouth

sometimes sets passions aflame and may

cause offense to a demented mind


if the spilled out words cause a transgression to a

person like King Henry the 8th who’d think those terms

were directed at him/her or someone they loved.


The poet may discover his alliteration meant that

he’d have to pay for his mistake with a deflated

ego and lost pride,


but he discovers It can get worse than that. The

poet may wake up to find he’s missing his head

or other body parts because of those chilling words

he used for rhythm and rhyme without thinking what

alliteration or assonance meant to a frenzied mind that

believed every word the poet said.

Drum Circle

Drum circle


I needed to heal my loathing of the human race that

made me want to travel to outer space. My doctor

gave me a damn drug that made me act, as if I was

drinking from a jug so I could never get a date.


I quit taking that stuff that made life so rough, but

not soon enough to abolish my foolish actions.

Detestation returned. When I tried to get a date,

it became like before, in my eyes I only saw ugly

men and women who killed their cousins so they

could eat.


In the need to hone my communication skills,

to listen and communicate with other members

of the human race, to share my creative thoughts,

I discovered the magic of people gathering in a

circle that has no beginning and no end.


Becoming part of that circle allowed me to experience

others as equals, to understand, to take their hand.

That accelerated my physical healing, boosted my

immune system to the ceiling. Created energy waves

that rippled over me and radiated in my brain.


The rhythms grew and changed in the drum circle.

This greatly enhanced my visual, auditory and

kinestheticways of learning, making me aware that I’d

have to get out of my box to see the human race as fit

to travel to with me to outer space, or for me to go

out on a date.



cowboy poem

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