Who I Am

Who I Am If I could only go back in time and meet myself at a younger age, I’d fill my immature brain with things I have learned.   I’d instill in my younger self honesty, kindness, and compassion. Then … Continue reading “Who I Am”

Say it Again

Say it again   A curse is on me it seems. I open my mouth to smooth things out. Instead,  strike me dead, when I speak, like a joke inflammatory words that I want to divorce force their way through my … Continue reading “Say it Again”

My World

My World   Is a place where angels lie and devils have wings. God is cruel and fantastic as it seems, Satan tells it like it is. He says to be redeemed is a sin and it’s better to get … Continue reading “My World”

My Hero

 If You’re Too Old to Cut the Mustard,  You Can Always Lick the Jar. Larry Flint   My Hero   Born again as a Christian, Larry included rage, passion, and religion with porn in print, until the day a neo-Nazi … Continue reading “My Hero”

Thoughts From A Hospital Bed

Thoughts From A Hospital Bed   How many patients made their dying wish as they rose from this bed to become spirits in search of a place to go.   As death creeps close, I suspend my breath because I … Continue reading “Thoughts From A Hospital Bed”

Joe DiBuduo Author

        Thanks for coming to my site.  You’ll find some of my unique short stories here that you can read here or download for reading at a later date. Many of my flash fiction stories are 1,000 … Continue reading “Joe DiBuduo Author”