#167 Gracefully aging

#167 Gracefully Aging

Her angelic look mirrored her innocence the first time I saw her. I knew she was the one for me. Her radiant face lit the entire place, warming my heart while I watched her twirling around the dance floor. I stepped onto the floor and demonstrated my dance moves to impress her with my macho stance, dance.

Her face colored with desire and adoration. She whispered, “I think I’m in love.”

I open my eyes to a rising sun and a wonderful world of sounds and colors greets my eyes and ears, sending warm feelings through me. Lovely shades of pink light the mountainside. Singing birds pour out musical notes as they go on their daily search for food. Worms scurry to hide, trying to avoid becoming breakfast to those chirping songbird chicks, cuddled in crowded nests.

Jumping out of bed with glee, I start this day with whoops of joy, lucky to be alive and in such a fine place. I don’t need to eat and rush out the door to go play. Oh, to be youthful, alive, and in love – how I yearn for those bygone days!

After many years have passed when morning comes, I see her and close my eyes, so I don’t have to gaze upon her guilty face, darkened by my deceit and the other sins I’ve committed over the years. I listen to her arthritic shuffle and think it serves her right for draining my years with her incessant needs.

When I awake now, that damn sunlight bothers my eyes as it bathes the mountain in glaring crimson light. Those noisy birds never shut up. I’ll invent birth control for them, so there won’t be so many damn chirping chicks. Or maybe I’ll just burn their nests.

When I open my eyes that can hardly see this spiteful world, my body aches and getting out of bed is a chore.

Why bother getting up I wonder, nothing to do but watch TV and eat stale bread. May as well just stay here in bed, I don’t need to eat and certainly don’t want to go out the door.

I’m so unlucky to have lived this long. My mind is alive, but my body aches and my wife is a shrew. This is what it’s like to be alive long after hope has gone down the rabbit hole, leaving behind a lifetime of unfulfilled dreams. I know there is no relief until that day comes when my wife dies, and I can marry a younger one that can still dance and has the sex drive of a girl!

The EndAging,

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