#155 Love Doctor

#155 Love Doctor

Love Doctor

Mark went to visit the “Love Doctor,” because he was having problems with, well, the name says it all. He dragged his mate along for an examination.

“Come on, Sweety,” Mark said.

“Yes dear,” his mate said.

“Well she certainly is a fine looking specimen,” the Love Doctor said as though she wasn’t there.

Mark’s face lit up with pride and he said, “I passed up a lot of others before I found this one.” Mark put his arm around his companion and she in turn reciprocated.

“I see you trained her well.”

“Sure have, but it took forever, I couldn’t get it through her head that even though she may be smarter than me, I’m the boss.”

“I appreciate a man like you who can put them in their place. Some men turn into wimps. Just because the lovemaking is so good, they let the leadership roles reverse, and if we want to be real men, we need to let them know who the boss is. By the way what’s her name?” He looked directly at her but asked Mark the question as though she couldn’t answer for herself.


“Well Misty, are you satisfied with Mark directing your life?”


“Are there any strange thoughts going through your head that may interfere with you loving Mark?”

She looked directly at Mark and said, “No.”

Doctor Love put his hand on her chin and turned it so she looked directly at him, “Are you attracted to him?”

An evasive look crossed her face. “There is no reason I shouldn’t be.”

Doctor Love turned her face to him again and said, “Tell me the truth, are you attracted to him?”

Looking him directly in the eyes she said, “No.”

“Well, there you have it Mark, she doesn’t love you because she isn’t attracted to you.”

“Can you fix her Doc?”

“Sure, it’s just a matter of biology,” he started getting some equipment ready. “I’ll give her an infusion right away.”

“Wow, thanks Doc. I thought I was going to be forced to trade her in for a new model.” Mark took Misty by the hand and led her over to where the doctor was getting ready. “You’ll be good as new, soon as the Doc fixes you up, and tonight will be like the first time.” Mark’s face lit up in anticipation of the pleasure he’d enjoy that night.

“What is it you’re going to give her Doc?”

“I must follow the law, but I can get away with giving her a little extra to bring her emotional and a hormonal climate to normal levels.”

“I don’t understand Doc. Extra what?”

“Some Oxytocin, Dopamine, Seretonin, and a lot of Endorphins.”

“Will hormones make her love me again?” Mark asked a worried expression filled his face.

“They don’t call me the Love Doctor for nothing. I assumed you knew what my specialty was.” The doctor started the fluid dripping into Misty who sat obediently still and silent in a chair.

“All I know is all the guys at the garage rave about you.”

“There’s my diploma. Look at it while I finish up getting Misty hot to trot once again.” The doctor turned his back to Mark while he worked.

Mark turned, looked at the Love Doctor’s diploma and saw his specialty. “Hey Doc,” Mark took the diploma from the wall, carried it over to where the doctor worked on Misty, “Are you human?”

“As long as I can fix Misty up, does it matter?”

Mark saw that his specialty of Lovotics qualified him in directional love between humans and robots. He specialized in realistic biologically-inspired love and helped robots have the ability to love and be loved by humans.

“Guess not Doc, just hurry up. I can’t wait to put her through her paces.”

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